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S+ & Sponsored mods for Ps4/Xbox ever?

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I have had a huge concern about ark ever since I had seen what s+ is because it is a great implament into ark and sadly i do not have a PC so I cant not play any of the cool modes (sponsored mods). So onto the next part , does anyone know if they are going to of these things into ark On console?  In my own oppinion I BELIEVE THAT ADDING S+ AND SPONSORED MODS  to console would an could be a great investment into the game potentially making alot more players start pllaying or players getting on even more to do these things which for you should make you money as game owners  well the administrators didnt spell that word correctly but its okk . Can anyone let me know if they are going to potentially add these to things that could change ark forever on console. Thank you for your time pleasse just drop a reply if you know anything about it !

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I think from my experience on the arkps4 subreddit that I speak for quite a few people when I say we would love to see the prehistoric mod and the zoology mod, or similar style mods.  I love ark but I dont have great internet speed where I'm living so some single player mods would be just amazing.  This game has so much potential in so many different areas, but single player is imo where there is the most lost potential currently. 

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On 27/10/2017 at 6:37 AM, Eli said:

You get half of what you wish for! We have announced in the recent twitchcon that Structures Plus will be officially integrated to the core ARK game.

That is fantastic news, have they said a time frame? 
Was dragged back to the ps4 version by some mates for Aberration and two things that really mess up the game for me, the lack of S+ (whose idea was it to make default cables one and a half height?) and the fact we can not change the stack sizes (that is still a major headache on high-rate servers)

Hmmm and just noticed the reply I am quoting is two months old...thats a really bad sign. (i got here by googling for a way to fix the issues in a s+ unavailable server)

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