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There is already an overabundance of dinosaurs in this game. I can't believe I'm saying this because I like dinosaurs so much but there are more than enough with released and incoming ones. The leech

That's not a very nice thing to say about Jack Black and Adrian Brody

19 hours ago, Rogan said:

Ark devs please introduce an incubation chamber. The time it takes to raise a hatch dino baby is crazy. We should also be able to eventually splice genes and create mixed hybrid Dino's. Also would it be possible make robots that gather and feed baby Dino's or to help carry heavy items like metal. Or maybe at least a stone  wheel-barrel that can be upgraded to a metal one that can carry more weight. And Endgame content like a trailer that can be attached to Dino's like the ankyelos or deodicurus as they farm. Just an idea. And lastly a teleporter that can allow us to carry all our items with us to another Teleporter that has been built. Thanks for such an awesome game.

I love the idea but how about it works with dinos similar to each other like a trike and a pachyrhino or trex and giganotosaurus but not something absurd like a trex and sabertooth hybrid

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On 2/9/2016 at 1:07 AM, ImpureFrost said:

Well actually termites might be cooler LOL i mean termite hills on the ark.. Pretty cool. A better example would be lice. Or tapeworms stuff like that

The next ark update will include the super immersive ultra entertaining task of picking massive parasites of the hide of your beloved dinos xD

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22 hours ago, Ij999 said:

There are prehistoric creatures comparable to leeches. Opabinia for example could've done the same thing. But they instead added just a basic leech from the Holocene (present day).

I get that, but it just seems to me that we still don't know a lot about the lore of the game so who's to say it isn't something like the Predators movie and we and random other creatures were dropped on the ark to be tested and then essentially hunted(probably just tested to see how humans survive in the environment vs apex predators of the past).

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57 minutes ago, STARR said:

as long as I don't swair or spell the holl swair world it is not    Inappropriate Language

Do you actually believe this? (if so how old are you?) Reporting people who "mess up" the game is good but if you are using a "inappropriate" word (even a part of it) you weren't thinking about the nice flowers growing in the Writhing Swamps were you.. its like killing someone with half a knife.. the target is still dead. I wont even mention your second post.... 


But on topic xD I love these leeches :P common guys. going to the swamps if those creepy-crawlers are there waiting to hop on.. damn

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1 hour ago, Ij999 said:

"Random other creatures" which could be prehistoric animals. There's really no excuse to put a present-day animal in this game, regardless of lore. It's advertised as a prehistoric animals game, the gameplay is built around them. There's no reason to just stick a present one in for no reason. Like I said, there are other prehistoric animals that could do the same thing as a leech.

Ehhh I just don't find it that big of a deal, I mean at least the leech looks like it belongs. Surprised you haven't brought up the dragon, king kong, broodmother, or the dodorex if your problem is with non-prehistoric creatures being in the game. Everyone is entitled to an opinion I just wanted to better understand yours. Personally, I appreciate all the work the devs put in to the game since it is after all their job and something they obviously love to do. It just seemed kinda crappy that you dissed their work, since everyone should know by now that it is impossible to make everyone happy.

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