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pvp [EU][01/18][NewPlayerProt,Shop,Kit] X100 by Rhada

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discord invite : https://discord.gg/kKKxBB6


mod file details : https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1386379656

Suicide command is enabled
Shop available check #👜-shop 
Kit available ! Write /kit starter in chat to retrieve you starter kit 😃
Kit : full flak set  + metal pick/matchet

Description : 
Mods : Faster Flyers ,Editable ServerUI, S+ Kibble Table , Stack It, Arkomatic, Utilities plus,Engram unlocker, Awesome Teleporter
Settings : XP100, breed X60, Taming X100, Harvest X100, Player max lvl 135 (tekcave), dino wild max level 150
To Know : Loot crat quality improved


Turret dmg : 1.35X
Cave dmg : 6X
Pvp respawn system is enabled
Fast autodecay (8X faster than vanilla) ex : metal is 2 day, plant X : 12 hours
Autorestart server every day at 7AM(UTC+2)
Auto Wipe wild dino every 6 hours 
Fast decay for alone pillar/foundation : 30 min 
AutoLearn all available engram
AutoSave all 15min
Players in Tribe 8
Ally : 2
Taming Speed x100 
Weight for dino/player X20
Harvest Amount x100
Ressource Respawn x100
Max Turrets 250 for 10000 range
Max Tamed Dino per tribe : 100
Max Structures 4000 for 10000 range

/!\ RAGNAROK /!\ 
#1 [NewPlayerProt,Shop,Kit] X100 by Rhada
Connect to server via IP address :

/!\ ISLAND /!\ 
#2 [NewPlayerProt,Shop,Kit] X100 by Rhada
Connect to server via IP address :

/!\ EXTINCTION  /!\ 
#3 [NewPlayerProt,Shop,Kit] X100 by Rhada
Connect to server via IP address :

Edited by rhada

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