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Dragon Issue possibly fix


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Hey guys we might found a fix for unoffical servers that suffer from the flying away Dragon in the Ragnarok Bossfight.



  1. find your SAVED folder of your Server
  2. Copy folder "SAVED" to your desktop or an other save folder (not in your server install)
  3. create a NEW Serverinstallation (not a reinstall a complete fresh install from steam)
  4. paste your SAVED folder in the new serverinstallation in the according place 
  5. start your server 

this should fix that issue 

BE AWARE - if you are using CACHE from ASM for fresh instalation of servers - you need to delete that !! ASM CACHE folders content need to be deleted



please let me know if you can confirm that 

this fix was first found from  @Baradine Allawa  on our discord   THANK YOU


Für deutsche User hier ist eine Übersetzung für euch: https://arkforum.de/index.php?thread/18504-möglicher-fix-des-drachenboss-problems-auf-inoffiziellen-ragnarok-servern/

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