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Hey guys, I've just put a limited number of ARK: Collector's Editions on PlayArk.com for purchase. This is everything but the game and season pass, so all the cool Collector's items for those of

Curiosity got the better of me... Yikes.

Yeah seriously.... Why use UPS when it's insanely expensive? Shipping costs more than the product itself.  

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My order comes out to about $82.00. Definitely is a better price than its original release. Though, when I bought the game I bought with the season pass. That was 100 dollars. So the total would equal out to almost 200 for the entirety. Either way it’s a good idea I just wonder why flat out shipping is so high for a lot of other people. 

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2 minutes ago, Chris said:

Yup, it's shipped and sold from the US so all pricing is in USD.

as i presumed, but as an australian, we also have to list sales taxes etc etc and pricing must be in local currency,

just a thing where it said it was in USD would be very helpful as no indication otherwise would lead you to presume the website which AUTO FILLED i was in australia is pricing in AUD as well.

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24 minutes ago, GhostlyCrowd said:

Reordered, was about 10 USD cheaper, I'm glad i finally got it ordered but for the 10 bux i would have just preferred to keep my original order and been able to give it to my brother for his bday instead of xmas. 

I just went to reorder. It would now cost me about $35 more to get it now than the order they cancelled. I think I will decline. Thanks for trying to save me money by charging me more

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3 hours ago, Deaner said:

The new shipping is more expensive for Canada then before when it was with UPS. UPS was 30$ shipping whereas FEDEX is 40$ shipping. I would've rather had it before then waited all this time to spend more money

The original shipping was $38 for me (also in Canada). Now with Fed Ex, they want $73. I'm sure glad they went with Fed Ex! *rolls eyes*

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