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pvp Midgaard Cluster PC PVP 2.5xEXP, 5xHarvest,10xTame\Breed

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Fun 24/7 cluster server, looking for players

our Two Maps are  ABERRATION & The Island, both have the same Mods and Rates, and are Transferable between the two of them. (INCLUDING DINOS INTO ABERRATION)

We Rent our server Professionally from SurvivalServers, and if we get more players we WILL Up our slot Limit, theyve got great customer Support and little Downtime

PvP PC, 2.5x XP,5x Harvest 10x Tame/Breed/Maturation, 2x Baby Food Consumption


Find your lost dino with DINO TRACKER
Upgrade your Gear with UPGRADE STATION

Ichthyornis are removed cause theyre a pain in the butt..

BabyFoodConsumption was increased to balance out 10x maturation

Market to trade for desired item/Dino

Scorched Earth Engrams
-S+ Grinder can convert Vanilla Resources into SE Resources.. so go make your Tents and Chainsaws!!

we got weekly prize events

Events include but not limited to:

-Mapwide searches for unclaimed dinos/hidden loot
-and are open to suggestions\requests!!!


END GAME is accessible in Volcano in The Island

 Community Discord  with discussions and information!!

Phoenix, Griffins and Wyverns are Vanilla

Spawn Rates:
-Phoenix 1 every 30 mins
-Wyvern 4 every 30 mins
-Griffin 4 every 30 mins
-Ovis x3
-Beavers x3 


Wyvern: Carno Island
Ice Wyvern: Icebergs
Griffins: Middle Snow mountain on The Island
Phoenix: Volcano

SNOW 25.1 | 21.9
DRAGONS 20.2 | 86.5
VOLCANO 42.0 | 38.9
REDWOODS MNTN 56.5 | 45.4
GREEN OBI 57.9 | 70.3
MURDERTOWN 72.4 | 21.2
COSTCO 78.3 | 72.9


Few Simple Rules: 

No griefing
No raiding below stone

We do not wipe Server, but Can if need to.

Admins are online daily if needed to fix issues to keep things running smoothly. The Island ABERRATION

s Plus
Wyvern Nests Plus
Hunters Bounty
Upgrade Bench
Automated Ark

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