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Heartfelt Thanks to WildCard, Ark, and the Community

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Good day, everyone. I wanted to take a moment to extend a heartfelt thank you to WildCard for making Ark a part of my life.

My grandmother passed away on October 1st, and I was very close to her. Even now it's hard to imagine going forward without her. People grieve in different ways, and for me, I've gotten through the heartache by seeking out things that give me happiness and require my full attention...which has made Ark a part of my life in a much more crucial way than ever before.

I'd like to thank the community here, for giving me somewhere to go to check up on the thoughts and goings on with Ark. I might not always have anything to say, but I enjoy reading your threads.

But all the way back when Ark was first released on Xbox, WildCard presented me the opportunity to build my private sanctuaries  - places I could go to when I was having a tough time to relax, enjoy myself and find peace.

While I work through the loss and grief I'm feeling, I've been sorting things out hand in hand with Ark. Whether it's the expansions I'm working on for my base on my PS4 Ragnarok game, or going flying with Ramoth, my first wyvern in my Scorched Earth Xbox game...breeding, building, exploring...testing the validity of phoenixes for World Scar runs, finding out there's an awesome tunnel / cave area under the ice lake where I call home in Ragnarok...owning Ark on all three platforms and maintaining many active games has meant I'm never without something to do to find some measure of solace.

I know there are a ton of things on this forum, so I don't know if anyone from your team will see this, but @Jatheish and @Jen , I wanted you, your team and this community to know how grateful I am that Ark has been my greatest comfort in one of my darkest times. Thank you.

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