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Ragnarok night fog/light bug

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Since the last update we have a weird light and fog bug on my server.
See by yourself : 
at 23h59 : http://puu.sh/xVAR6/66b994ac82.jpg
at 00h00 : http://puu.sh/xVASy/7dff4aedb8.jpg

it happend everynight and end at 04h28

Edit : It also happend underwater.

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I'm having the same issue on my dedicated Ragnarok server (experienced by all connected clients), and my single-player Ragnarok game. At 00:00 in-game, distant lighting becomes completely broken; everything becomes monochrome bluescale. The issue spontaneously resolves when game time passes 04:30 - 04:35 (inconsistent, seems to vary from one day to the next), but always comes back EXACTLY at midnight. You can easily test this by altering the server time via console.

As expected, rolling back to the previous server version eliminates this issue entirely.
This issue only occurs on the Ragnarok map.

Experienced on server with:
- no mods
- no changes to server configs since last update
- no weird settings... other than basic rate changes, everything is mostly vanilla

Client settings tested (with no effect):
- Various detail settings, with other graphics toggles both enabled and disabled
- All detail settings at Epic, everything on and maxed
- All detail settings at Low, with every possible option off
- Launch Option: No BattlEye
- Launch Option: No Sky Effects

Other stuff I've tried (with no effect):
- Deleted and reinstalled Ragnarok server from scratch
- Tested server with CleanSourceConfigs
- New single player game

(23:59, normal) https://ibb.co/n6XkMG
(00:00, bugged)
*(04:29, bugged) https://ibb.co/dDM1vb
*(04:35, normal) https://ibb.co/npYEFb
(Bugged, with nearby light source) https://ibb.co/d2hwTw
(Bugged, sky view from ground) https://ibb.co/d0EzgG
(Bugged, wide angle with water) https://ibb.co/dtDgvba

*Ignore my screenshot titles on these two; I just realized I had them backwards before uploading. Notes in this post are correct.

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Another one here with the same problem, started after the 272 update. Im still looking for a solution, read a lot of post with ppl with the same problem, but no one have solved it.

I hope in a fix soon, play when is night is almost impossible.

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Hi there,

yes we have got the same problem. Happens at our server (hosted by nitrado). PC version.

We have a 'short' night and the fog comes from one second to anonther. And looks like this:

My settings: https://ibb.co/erEiQb

Edit says: And we have got another problem with light. When setting the resolution scale to 100 %, the light starts flashing. By looking around it gets light and then back to normal. When it is lightend up the trees looks awfull. Sorry didn't make a screenshot of the effect...

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Same problem here, really hoping someone finds a solution to this or the devs fix it because it's been a real problem doing anything at night because you can't see 5 meters in front of you. Especially when flying this has been really frustrating


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Just an update for people following this thread:
(According to a single one-line statement buried impossibly deep within the obnoxious Ragnarok discord channel)...

... this is a known issue related to some experimental weather effects in development on the Wildcard side. No ETA on a fix, and no known workarounds in the mean time. =(

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