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Otter Spawns

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I created this topic to help some players find an otter, since they are very small and the spawns not that well known yet (not like beavers who are known to nearly everyone). So please, if you have found a rather promising spawn post the rough coordinates here.

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We've tamed up several otters at our base at the lake in the Valley by SW 2/3, It's at approx 60/31 (Ragnarok)

They share spawn locations with the fish, so you need to clear the lake to see if they spawn. You may have to do it a couple times, but it usually doesn't take a lot of time.

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I think most have been mentioned here but I like to add some things.

Use a rex or carno to remove small fish. I guess Piranha is their enemy so remove these first. When you see Hesperornis then Otters are close. I guess two Otters at each time. They look like fish until you see turns and swimming.

If you use big fish to tame, fastest taming, then you need water speed.

It takes time. They are hard to find, once you find one give it any fish just to get the taming started.

Good Luck. I got 2 male and one low level female. I been searching and searching in one area since I like the colors there.



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