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Giga starve taming on Ragnarok PS4

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I've found a Giga over on the Highlands. I'd like to tame it. 

I was going to tame some of the sheep running around first and get them to mate till I had about 15 for the mutton needed. But I think it's going to be easier to just build a pen and drop 15 sheep into it. 

I'm going to trap it with 3 metal dino gateways (No door) and 1 behemoth gate (with door). Also using a large bear trap to hold it while I close the behemoth gate door. 

Lots of crossbow tranq to knock it out. 

What's the best way to starve tame it? I've never done it, but I figure with all the available mutton that rots quickly, it's the best option. 

Does it help to let the thing sit in the trap for a couple days? Will it naturally start to starve? 

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1. Use http://www.survive-ark.com/taming-calculator/

2. Choose Giga input the values of the knoked Giga under Starved Values 

3. Look how much narcotic you need for this thime

4. Let the giga drops its Torpor (drains verry fast) Input the values of narcotis you need too tame (it takes ways longer to raise the torpor then it fals) 

5. Comeback when giga have the value of food you need to tame and put in kibble(raw mutton)

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