Ragnarok: SW Desert Update 10/11 Patch Notes (Aware of Collision Issues)

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UPDATE: If you are hosting a private server and have collision issues, please check your server files for Ragnarok_Landscape.umap under Content/Mods/Ragnarok and remove it. 

Official servers will be getting the fix shortly.


Ragnarok Southwest Desert (Part 1/3):
We're excited to be releasing the first installment of the Ragnarok desert!
The desert will be released in three sections that will open up for the players 
as each section is complete. This will be the least dangerous section of the desert
Ability to place tree platforms on some desert rocks
oil/water veins 
Explorable canyons
dense metal and obsidian locations
Flat building plateaus
New vista locations 
3 caves (2 building caves)

- Increased chance of Spinos spawning
- Decreased total Coel amount in the ocean
- Moved Leeds away from the coast/coastal inlets
- (Should now spawn farther out in the ocean)
- New Giga Spawn added in the Southwest region (Near Green Obelisk)
- Increased chance of Therizino spawns
- Wyverns added into Purple Crystal Wyvern Den off the coast
- (This will help eggs show up more frequently as well)
- Desert Spawns readjusted and ready for new section of map

Over 300 + Bug Fixes: 
(This includes but not limited to)
  - Fixed tall grass in swamp (lowered to not be 3 foundations high)
  - Fixed mesh hole exploits
  - Fixed many player stuck points
  - Fixed floating foliage
  - Fixed mesh collision
  - Fixed water now working in rivers
  - Fixed player/dino teleport issues
  - Fixed some dinosaur spawn issues
  - Fixed boss fight exploits
  - Fixed Dungeon exploits
  - Fixed unreachable resources
  - Fixed unobtainable supply drops
  - Fixed Proxy issues
  - Fixed Volume issues



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7 minutes ago, Centurionswar said:

whats the full bug  fix list? As i have dozens reported, want to make sure all get fixed..

The full list is about 6 pages :D

If you do have an any specific bugs you are unsure about or have been missed ask us in our discord and we can double check them!

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6 minutes ago, Bjorks said:

So Asia servers been offline 50 minutes since update released. Nice one. Asia Rag 110 has had hourly disconnects since its creation. Support tickets flying around like pigeons - no response, no action, no care... :-(

HEY! I just responded to you in the discord :D!  I'm sorry the server is down, but the truth is Ragnarok doesn't control any server related issues.



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@JacksonLawrenceThanks I been looking around various avenues for support on twitter, online, forums, discord - anywhere I can think to get some solution. Zero info back till now so I'll go back to tetris. Its stable. :-)

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12 minutes ago, MrKowaski said:

So there are gonna be 2 other updates regarding the desert? 

Yes sir, 
We plan on releasing:
Desert (2/3)
In 2 - 3 Weeks (Ragnarok team will be moving in real life so this is subject to change just in case anything comes up)

Desert (3/3)
in 2 - 4 Weeks (Once again just depends on the move and getting situated)

After the Desert is complete we'll be going through and adding in:
1. Caves
We'll be adding building caves as well as explorable caves (this includes underwater)
2. Dungeons
This is one of the parts we're super excited to get to. We'll be adding new dungeons with new integrated boss fights built into the dungeons
as well as new traps and puzzles for the players to solve and test there fortitude :D
(We'll also be moving the artifacts to locations we see fit)
3. Bug Fixes
We take these very seriously, and I do mean seriously (check our discord or talk to our mods)
We'll be going through and fixing any issues that pop up.
4. Ruins
We'll also go through and if we have time add a few more iconic ruins to the map, because we love ruins and what you creative folks are able to build into them.

10 minutes ago, AlphaInstinct said:

Starting Stream for this update soon :D - Youtube - Alpha Instinct


2 minutes ago, Vaudevillian said:

Was wondering if you fixed the single player bug where trees and rocks don't respawn  when logging off and back on if they were harvested.

Not sure of this issue, would you mind posting it in our discord?

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Epic ^^

But.... Please add more Underwater Caves.... and also add more Equus Spawns please ^^ In the West of Ragnarok. But most Important: Please try to add the Scorched Earth Weather to the Ragnarok Desert!!!! And i hope you guys fixed those Tusos at the artifact of the devourer.... I swam down there and just saw 2 Tusos because it was night and when I later came back to get another Artifact.......... yeah.... I had luck.... And heres my last thing i want to ask about... Could you guys add an complete path system on Ragnarok? For the equus etc??? Would be awesome if there was an giant path system on Ragnarok besides those smaller paths ^^

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1 minute ago, krog said:

Ty you for all this information Jacksonlawrence i love your work continue like this your map is awsome

No problem! @krog

I do apologize on behalf of the Ragnarok Devs for not making an appearance in the forums; we're going to try our best to be better folks about this and get your guys feedback not just in our discord, but on the forums as well xD

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