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Great map


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Would be nice to be able to actually play and build on it on Rag Official PvE... All I see is miles of pillars... ignorant tribes claiming huge areas to deny new players a start. On my server one toxic tribe called [.........] are pillaring the whole place and offering to sell space to the newbies who are forced to build a boat to live on. :/

When the new area went live yesterday, took me 30 mins of searching to find a suitable area to pop up a hut on.

And nothing will be done about it. In MMO games they have GMs / Customer service agents... Arks Official servers are like the wild west. I'd pay a sub fee if I could get better play experience.

I tried a private server, they wiped the server I had my base on with 24 hours notice... managed to save my character but lost my dinos and base materials... so I'm reluctant to invest more time on unnofficial.

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