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1 hour ago, RaiderofthelostARK said:

Any else enjoy the battle royales? So fun! I think WC should reconsider refocusing on this game type. It would be silly not to jump on this new game fad and if they don't they will lose sales to the other game developers. Make it official!

SOTF had its design flaws such us:

  • Too long matches.
  • Centered zone at one point and final arena where was no cover making matches extremely boring to watch.
  • Awful performance.
  • Terrible hit detection.
  • (not sure if it was solved or not) Unlimited speed of human characters.
  • Size of your character affected matches.

However, the most important thing is Wildcard has no man power nor resources to work on 2 games at the same time. Their claim in announcement of SOTF that they had 2 seperated teams was false, because they were less and less focused on updating SOTF and it was abandoned by them in the end.

The real reason why SOTF was cancelled: The silent mejority of ARK players did not care about SOTF.

WC would earn enough money from ARK DLCs.


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