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EDIT2: This guide assumes a basic level of knowledge for overriding Ark loot beacon drops. The following lists can be used with the code for custom beacon modifications in the game.ini file. For example:

This will overwrite your basic white beacon -


This will overwrite the Rex inventory loot drop -


For more info on this: https://survivetheark.com/index.php?/forums/topic/65930-tutorial-modify-loot-crate-contents-v242/


OK this started off with a chat I had with Normanbatez on the Beaconapp.cc discord a while back regarding dino loot. I did a bit of testing back then but also had very limited success. Then I stumbled across a link to a german loot config editor http://www.nipiro.de/ark_crates_beta.php - which allowed me to narrow my search and hit paydirt:

They didn't however have everything, so I had to work a fair few out for myself. EDIT- Thankyou to redditor /u/paulkravis/ for digging these out of the devkit!

- Leeds DinoDropInventoryComponent_Carnivore_Huge_Leed_C
- Alpha Leeds DinoDropInventoryComponent_Carnivore_Huge_Leed_Alpha_C
- Basilo DinoDropInventoryComponent_Basilo_C
- Thyla DinoDropInventoryComponent_Carnivore_Medium_Thylaco_C
- Theriz DinoDropInventoryComponent_Carnivore_TickleChicken_C


Only one is now the Ice Wyvern for Ragnarok.


Ok the key as TreeZenDE at arkforum.de worked out was the minimum number of item sets in the loot source is 2 - less than 2 item sets and the loot won't work. This is because these aren't normal loot containers and we are sorta hacking into them. So we don't have total control over the loot, but we can make stuff we want drop (with varying degrees of success).



Most dinos use the generic loot tables. It's a 30% chance for the container to drop for all of them except Tiny, which is a 1% drop (I don't actually know if Tiny actually works as it's difficult to test).


TINY: dilo, micro, ovi, trodon

SMALL: Araneo, Onyc, Electro, Kapro, Raptor, Terrorbird.

MEDIUM: Angler, Bary, Dire, Saber, Scorpion, Thyla, Thorny

LARGE: Allo, Arthro, Carno, Dimetrodon, Boa, Megalo, Sarco

HUGE: Giga, Spino, Wyvern, Dodorex

FIREWORKS: mosa,plesi,spino



Sauropods: Bronto, Diplo, Titan
DinoDropInventoryComponent_Carnivore_Huge_Sauro_C (Note: This is the tribute container, so you must include Sauropod Vertebrae or it won't drop)




The bulk of these seem to have their loot containers because they drop tribute items. With some they may replace tribute items or limited items will drop.



DinoDropInventoryComponent_Carnivore_Tusoteuthis_C (Note: partial 1/2 loot. also dropped pearls and substrate)
















DONT WORK YET - (These exist but aren't connected up yet. I'm guessing placeholder for event loot)



Some of these will deposit the loot straight into your inventory, others need to be looted.






DinoDropInventoryComponent_Carnivore_DeathwormAlpha_C (Also the ICEWORM QUEEN on Rag)



DinoDropInventoryComponent_Carnivore_Huge_MegaFireWyvern_C (Note: worked but onlt gave 2/3 item sets.also dropped trib and milk)



DinoDropInventoryComponent_Carnivore_DeathwormAlpha_C (You are somewhat limited in how much loot you can make drop)

DinoDropInventoryComponent_LavaGolem_jackson_C (from normanbatez on the Beacon Discord)



At this stage not too much testing has been done. But I can say I have made these dinos spawn test drops (I made them drop element and element shards to test).

I used https://beaconapp.cc/ to test this and I'll be publishing a blank preset for Ragnarok though the app that others can download and use. In the meantime for the lazy, I've uploaded a savefile with the dinos containers added on the Beaconapp.cc dev Discord.

I hope this helps out my fellow PC admins, but this is really meant as a gift to our console brethren who can't use mods yet. Hope it helps guys.

(This is also posted on the playark subreddit, but thought I'd chuck it up here as well)

Edit: typo and missed a .

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On 10/4/2017 at 9:24 PM, MajorSmashbox said:


Ok the key as TreeZenDE at arkforum.de worked out was the minimum number of item sets in the loot source is 2 - less than 2 item sets and the loot won't work

I am not understanding what you mean by this. It seems to be the most important information you have but it is unclear what the sentence means. I believe you meant to say "or" instead of "and" which would make me believe the minimum item sets is 1-2? Because having a 0 wouldn't make much sense as a minimum considering the dinos only have a 30% chance to drop an inventory anyway? I appreciate the guide and hope someone can clarify this "Caveat" for me.

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I felt like adding some additional Q&A. I have extensively altered the drops within my dinos and supply crates. Are you aware of the update that allows you to put a shorter string for the supply type you are wanting to change? So for example, if I put the target source to change as "SupplyCrate" it would change every supply crates table to the one i designate. Saving on a large amount of code which is important because in my experience the ini becomes the largest because of altering loot tables. Anyways my question to everyone is, has anyone verified if this generic string targeting works for the dino tables as well? As soon as I have hammered out the caveat of making my loot tables spawn, I will investigate further.

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On 10/4/2017 at 9:24 PM, MajorSmashbox said:

DinoDropInventoryComponent_Carnivore_Huge_Sauro_C (Note: This is the tribute container, so you must include Sauropod Vertebrae or it won't drop)

Does anyone know whether the item set can have any name or if it needs to be specific to work properly. Meaning, Can I create source for sauro, item set named armor, and then put sauropod vertebrae in the item set names armor and then the drops will happen properly?

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Okay so I am completely lost so can you help me? I need rockdrake eggs dropped by rockdrakes and be random lvls between 1-300. I also wish for bears to drop beeswax and honey unto a max of 10 per item, aberration mushrooms to be dropped (Beelzebufo drops aquatic / Achatina drops Aggeravic / Pulmonoscorpius, Basilisk, and Titanoboa all drop Ascerbic / and lastly Compys drop Auric) and lastly I need Megalosaurus to drop plant z seeds. I want the rates to be normal like berries or arrows found on wilds and rockdrakes only carry 1 egg.

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I changed the loot drop but... all except for alpha carnos and alpha raptors on the alpha list only drop their loot 10% of the time ( if not 5% , like i spawned 200 in the dev kit with the changes and only 10 had loot and the raptor and carno has loot 100% of the time... all using the same settings.

the rex has yet to drop loot with your settings

I have dont extencive QA on this and no i didnt miss any thing.. there is an internal machanic that I cant change with the special loot chance that wont change it reverts back each time a mob is spawned.

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There is a New Extinction DinoContainers that i could find in DevKit...

  • DinoDropInventoryComponent_Corrupted_Huge_C
  • DinoDropInventoryComponent_Corrupted_Huge_Wyvern_C
  • DinoDropInventoryComponent_Corrupted_Huge_Gigant_C
  • DinoDropInventoryComponent_Corrupted_Huge_Spino_C
  • DinoDropInventoryComponent_Corrupted_Huge_Rex_C
  • DinoDropInventoryComponent_Corrupted_Huge_Rex_Mega_C
  • DinoDropInventoryComponent_Herbivore_Medium_GasBags_C
  • DinoDropInventoryComponent_Scout_C


(Not sure if they all work correctly)

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Hi I’m trying to implement bush berry seeds into the bosses, drops and, alphas. But can’t seem to get it to work. I’ve used the beacon app and it s dropping everything else I want it to but the bush berry seeds. Do I need to do something different.

below is the code I’ve been trying to use for the bush berry seeds


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On 7/18/2019 at 12:32 AM, DravenBaron said:

Anyone know the code for tek dinos?


I checked, Tek Dinos cannot be loot edited.

For anyone else interested in the SKELETAL LOOT DROPS... I pulled these out the DevKit.


These are the only ones with l could find with actual inventory links, the others seem to point to simply towards costume drops.



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Hey there, i got an issue with my alpha loot. I want to disable specific loot from the alphas. I thought i got it but yesterday the alpha megalodon droped a max lvl item, wich was the chitin boots.

Can someone finde my mistake?


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