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PS4 - No Servers Listing since System Update 5.0

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Servers are showing except for 195-198 official pvp. Could you get someone to look into it? It's been a day and a half now unable to play, about to uninstall (if you guys even care tbh)  because support won't get back with me either 

And Comcast, 5.0 

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On 10/3/2017 at 4:20 AM, Jatheish said:

The country you're connecting from:

How you access the internet (LTE modem, DSL, ....):

Your own IP address, best found out by visiting https://ifconfig.me from a device in your home network (i.e. not mobile internet on your phone):

Do you use a custom language when playing:

Who is your ISP/Network/Internet provider:

Is your PlayStation on Version 5.0:

Do you see any servers at all? (Official, Unofficial PC, Player Dedi, Non Dedi, Legacy, etc..):

United States,  regular internet, no DSL or anything like that.  not stating IP on public chats using Direct TV AT&T Uverse, version 5.0, yes. i do se servers. only ones i know are 320 to 386 are missing on official.

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