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Is Ragnarok still only a mod on a Linux dedicated server?


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When running a Linux dedicated server, should it be possible to run the Ragnarok map as a regular map, like TheIsland, or is Ragnarok technically a mod even though it is now an Official map?

So far, I have only been able to run Ragnarok as a mod, but I want to be sure that I'm doing it the right way.


1) I just installed a dedicated Linux server today, and in the Maps directory I see 2 files and 4 directories








Of course I had no problem starting the server with the map "TheIsland", everything is working great.


2) Then, based on answers I read in a couple of topics on other forums, I edited my service file to start Ragnarok instead of TheIsland


ExecStart=<mypath>ShooterGame/Binaries/Linux/ShooterGameServer Ragnarok?listen?SessionName=<secret>?ServerPassword=<secret> -server -log

Based on what I read, they indicated that this should have been the only thing I needed to do in order to have the server run Ragnarok.


3) But... nothing happened. The server still started with TheIsland map.


4) Then I edited my GameUserSettings.ini file to run Ragnarok as a Mod.




5) After activating it as a mod the server now runs the Ragnarok map.


My concern is that this might be a legacy approach, that this is how the map was supposed to run before it became an Official map, and that we are supposed to use some other method to run Ragnarok now, so I just want to confirm whether or not this is currently the right way to run Ragnarok on the server.

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