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Aberration Hype?

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If Ragnarok on the xboxone is anything to go by i wouldn't spend another penny on this game till they sort out the optimization, i refuse to play a game where the graphics are constantly loading from far to near without even moving, freezing when getting on/off dinos, freezing when moving alot of stuff too/from inventory,
Ive had to spend £30 on a cooling system just to stop my xbox from overheating, no other game pushes my xboxone like this game does....

Great concept, terribly executed 

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i bet it will be like this:


they will add it, let you transfer char there but not dinos or stuff, but you will be allowed to transfer stuff out =)

Then a metric ton of OP stuff will be there forcing you to buy it if you dont want to fall behind in PvP.

Like Element-nodes harvestable with a pick-axe and dinos stronger than the usual stuff.

That will be the selling point =)

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I have been playing the base game for 450hrs but on a Prim+ server. Ive recently put 45hrs into normal ARK and I really like the game. Yes, I understand there are small issues but on PvE it's pretty much playable with only a little frustration coming from server lag and people who have bad attitudes.

I have now spent 5hrs on SE and it was an eye opener as to how hard ARK can really be. I really like the 'dino world' experience but the whole underground mutated/horror approach doesnt really grip me. To be honest I said that about SE too, but have enjoyed my little dabble in that world so perhaps I may like aberration... 

To be honest, I wont buy it unless it is on sale, it isnt an area I expect to play much if and when it comes out.

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10 hours ago, B3N said:

I think that it kind of takes away from what ark is supposed to be. I felt the same way when the tek tier came out. When I bought ark in 2015 I bought it for the dinosaurs and the idea of playing with friends. I just dont think ark should turn into some alien space game. I think wildcard needs to take a long look at what ark started of as. A fun multiplayer experience and primitive survival.

I get what your saying, but you still have to work really hard to get to tek. I feel like it's a reward after working very diligently and surviving through all the troubles of ARK. Besides to keep tek gear and items running you have to have element, so you have to continuously win boss battles. Thus, I feel like its more of a reward, then a game ruining concept. 

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I am hyped.

We get to delve further into what this game actually is. A futuristic sci-fi game that happens to have been focusing mostly on dinosaurs. Not a dinosaur game that happened to have some futuristic sci-fi stuff in it.

On top of that, limited flying, daylight is now a hazard and completely different terrain. Already bought the season pass. 

Luckily what most of you are complaining about being messed up I will almost certainly never see as a single player. The game works great for me on the ps4. Have had zero issues since launch.

Except for an equus literally running me straight into the jaws of a giga. But that's not the games fault lol.

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