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Any Fix In Sight For "Joining failed - could not retrieve address"

Go to solution Solved by Chuwalee,

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No solution yet, but there is a work around.   Go to your network settings, hit advanced settings go to DNS and make your primary and secondary DNS

Hi, Everytime I go to join an Official dedicated server it says "could not retrieve address". After I try a few more times the game freezes and dashboards me. It does t

The changing my DNS setting worked thank u so much!!!!!!!!!  

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Join failed: Could not receive address (Xbox)

Every time I try to join an official ark server it says (join failed could not receive address) this has been going on for months now and is very frustrating, especially because there seems to be no fix. I have tried almost everything. Please if you have any suggestions or idea on what is going on let me know.

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Guys Can anyone help please, EVERY official server I have tried to join I keep getting the same message "JOINING FAILED COULD NOT RETRIEVE ADDRESS" I have tried different things that I've seen people talk about on forums and online but none have worked. I have just downloaded ARK Genesis and haven't yet been able to play it. If you have any suggestions please let me know as I'm stuck in john radcliffe hospital and will be for a while. Thanks.

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"Failed to connect". 
I have internet, i play other games, i can get in the game and see the list of servers, my console (xbox) has the memory only for ark. I play ark for a long time and from one minute to the next the base does not render, i disconnect and now the message only appears "failed to connect"



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30 minutes ago, RStrumsworth said:

Hey when are they gonna fix this game? Do the devs even know this is an issue that's now several years old effecting a large number of people? 

As you can see from this threads date it's been an issue for years.

At this point I would have to wager WC:

1. has no intention of fixing it

2. can't fix it

3. it's not their issue to fix

In any case, I don't think it will ever be fixed.

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Join Failed Message


My friend and I are having a problem that we cannot find the solution for. He runs a dedicated server from his pc and then we all play on our xboxes. This worked fine as recently as winter 2019. However, when we tried this past week the game doesn't load past primalgamedata_bp and then the message join failed pops up and kicks us back to the title screen.

Does any one know of any fixes for this or have any suggestions?

Thanks in advance

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Windows 10/ Xbox dedicated server "Join Failed"

Hi everyone, 

I tried to start up a dedicated server again on the windows 10 play anywhere version and when my friends and I try to join it on our xbox's we all get "join failed" errors. However when I host the dedicated server on my xbox I can join it from the PC. I was wondering if anyone else has run into this issue and has a fix? 

Done the usual resart of PC, Xbox, Router, Clear alternate MAC addresses, start a single player and then try to join.

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Im running into the same issue. I run a dedicated server off my PC and play it off my xbox. I dont have any trouble joining and playing it but none of my friends are able to join when I invite them through xbox or pc. This was an issue a month ago and I assumed that the problem would have been fixed through various updates since. My friends are all on xbox, own genesis, and have installed all of their updates for genesis.

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