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Any Fix In Sight For "Joining failed - could not retrieve address"

Go to solution Solved by Chuwalee,

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No solution yet, but there is a work around.   Go to your network settings, hit advanced settings go to DNS and make your primary and secondary DNS

Hi, Everytime I go to join an Official dedicated server it says "could not retrieve address". After I try a few more times the game freezes and dashboards me. It does t

The changing my DNS setting worked thank u so much!!!!!!!!!  

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Realized something funny.

With all the problems the game current has and has had in the past something just dawned on me. No one that work's for Wildcard actually play's their own game at least not online. They couldn't by that I mean they actually couldn't, we can't get in they can't get in. All these issues would be affecting them too. Like if I was a roofer and whenever it rained my roof leaked all over the place, I would have to fix it or I wouldn't be a roofer. You work for a game company, but can't play the game you made/sell. Just seems funny to me. Also pretty sure Cedric @complexminded is the only person currently working on this game, as in there are still people making content, but they are working on other things and pretty much just said "Here you do it". call support if you have any problems.


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PS4... also running into “Cannot Join. Connection Timeout.” errors. To make matters worse, we can’t edit our primary and secondary DNS. 

I’ve tried connecting to Legacy-PS4-NA servers and NA-PVE-PS4Official servers. Same thing in both places. Couldn’t login last night and tried for 2hrs (had a slew of giga babies out). Can’t login today.

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Couldn’t retrieve address is back.

Surprise, another ark update comes out and now I can’t log onto my official server.


I have already lost everything once because of this, if I lose it again I’m done with this game.


I have reset my internet, and restarted my Xbox. I cannot get into any servers.


Has anyone addressed this issue yet?

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Joining Failed Could Not Retrieve Address on Official PvP

This is so frustrating. Figures I cant get on my server when I have a day off. I've tried restarting my console, starting a single player map then trying to rejoin. Nothing works. Does anyone know anything that helps? I just wanted to go tame a damn argy.

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Does anyone else get the server is full when it's not and the join fail? I'm so tired of this crap! The Company does not care that we just lost, not hours or days, but weeks and months of game play! Wild dinos take several hours to tame and raising babies take days, freaken DAYS, to complete. Only to be undone by stupid bugs and glitches that the company should have addressed and fixed already! The more I lose what I gathered the more Conan is looking better! 

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Can’t join ANY Xbox servers for over 24 hours now

So I just want to post a thread to try and highlight the issue more to WC.

Have been away on holiday and purposely planned time to make sure stuff didn’t not decay.

Im now 24 hours in and I know I am losing stuff every minute. Hundreds of hours gone.

This simply should not be happening at this point in this games life. It is years old. We have paid for multiple DLC. You have the money wildcard. There are no more excuses.

Played for nearly 3000 hours so I’m fine with losing stuff when it’s part of the gameplay. This is not.

If I lose all of my hard earned stuff this time, I will not be coming back. :( 

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