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Most Creative Dino Names

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Named one of my Giga "Gigald Trump" as he need to protect my walls. Also named one of my Quetzal that got a radioactive green neck mutation "Nuclear Qactor".

Ankylosaurus = Ankystein's Monster Argentavis = Argent Scully / Argent Mulder Baryonyx = Baryshnikov Brontosaurus = LeBRONTO James Carnotaurus = CARNOld Schwarzenegger Compsog

I have an anky named "Flint Eastwood".

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I just started a Ark a week or 2 ago. here's the names I've had so far.........

Female turtle: shelly

Female bronto:  "Giant pain in the butt" ( cause she destroyed everything I had plus most my dino all while getting stuck on my unfinished base hence why I was forced to tamed her)

A smaller long neck dino but I forgot the breed:  Pretzels

Female sarco:  Allie-Gator

Male/female trikes:  Spike, Mike, Ike aka issac, Tri-Sara-tops, Cera, Sierra, Hulk

Male Mosochop: mr.rogers

Little XP creature:  Happy

Parasaurs:  king Arthur, Gwenivere, sir lancelot, prince Edward, sir Thomas, lucky, snickerdoodle 

Petrodon: Ziggy, Zippy, zigzag 

army of dilos:  mr & mrs Dilo, Lucifer, Lucinda,demon lizard, crowley, Chompers, Ruby Red, shakria, Officer Jenkins, officer Reynolds, Tibbs

DoDos:  Chicken nugget, BBQ sauce, Turkey sandwich, Feathers, Big Momma, Darlene, Dixie, Debbie, Daisy, Ditto,  riley, Vera, Henrietta,wreck it Ralph, Hans,Asia,Waldo

Brayonx:  Sharpie

Beaver: Becky beaver

Pachy:  Patrick, Patches

dolphins:  mr. bottle nose, Miss Doll Finn


Other Possible future Dino Names Ideas:

Twix, pickles, mt dew, Pepsi, tidal wave, star gazer, flash, sparky,twilight, midnight, taco, cappuccino, milkshake, Goggles, Fluffy,  Apache, Captain, Sargent, tooty fruity, Rocky, Rex, Hank, Angel, bella, luna, peppermint, pepperoni, cheddar, butters,noodles, whiskers, nibbles, Fern, Lily, Petunia, Dasher, Jasper, Tiny Dancer, John deere, pierre, Jasmine, (Jan-Dec), peaches, mango, tequila, margarita, Maple, Vixen, Xander, predator, Smores, dray-gone, blaze, Phoenix, pied-piper, Koko, Shrek, velma,Goober, Laser Beam, Hawthorne,  Razzle Dazzle, Mr.T , dr.Mallard. Ducky, pocahontas, Dutchess,Duke, chester, Dr.Pepper, twizzler, tsunami, Ace, big foot, DR.Acula, Karma, domino, etc...




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I have a lightning wyvern called Jay "in the show they are the master of lightning"
a fire wyvern called kai "master of fire"
a basilisk called cole "master of earth"
a poison wyvern called tox "master of gasses"
a ice wyvern called zane "master of ice"
a tropical wyvern called nya "master of water"

all names are from the show "ninjago masters of spinjitzu"

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42 minutes ago, Zeki said:

a poison wyvern called tox "master of gasses"

So you named that one after me! :D

I dont really name my dinos anymore but used to do:

Giga 1: The past (Skeletal costume)
Giga 2: The Present (No costume)
Giga 3: The Future (Tek Costume)
TerrorBird: Drake

Sarco: Sia
Raptor: Prince
2 Dimorphodons: Dali and Gala
2 Ovis: Marco + Polo (I tamed them on the go, had to walk them both all the way back to my base on foot)
Spinos: Slice and Jenny (After boats in Dexter/Forrest Gump)
Allos: Runner + Gunner (Alpha: Gunner)
3 Rexes: Alonne + Medea + Hyperion
Yuty: Tranny
Pegomastax: Gypsy Tramp Thief
2x Kaikuru: Pegomastax Pelagornis
Theris: Skaarj + Berserker + Queen
Gigantopithecus: Senorita Banana + Senor Coconut
Deaodon: General NomNom
Bronto: General Waste
Lystros: Lil Biggy + Biggy Smalls
Argys: Breeze + Storm + Hurricane
Dilpo + 2 Pteranodons always folloing it: 2525 (Diplo) Keaunu + Reeves
And a lot more...

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The yuty I do bosses with is named 20 Birds In A Trenchcoat. Her mother's name is Loud Chicken.

My phiomia is God of Crops, dung beetles are Khepri, Kabuto and Scarab.

My two beelzebufos are Dolores Leapfrog and Daniel Leapfrog.

A light red with turquoise belly jerboa is named Watermelon Mint.

And, of course, I have my light-red basilo, whose name matches his color, shape, and, of course, his ability to bite pretty hard: his name is Killer Sausage.


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