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Most Creative Dino Names

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All my wyverns got names after different dragonflight representants in World of Warcraft:

Lightning - Kalecgos, Malygos, Tarecgosa

Fire - Alexstrasza, Tyranastrasz, Keristrasza

Poison - Ysera, Valithria

Ice - Sindragosa, Sapphiron

Tried to create some nice names for phoenixes as well:

Blazewing, Colfury (light blue body), Inferno (christmas red), Felfire (cyan body with black wings), Cinderstorm (pink event color)

Still need to figure out names for pure white phoenix (from valentine event) and cyan with pink belly.

Reaper is named Carnage, basilisk is Hades (little word play, "had" means snake in my language).

I have a lot of colored griffs too:

Grinch - green belly and wings

Skittles - green/pink/yellow

Frenzy - red with green belly (christmas)

Golgwing - yellow wings (obv) and light red body

Fluffy - pink 

Snowflake - pure white griff

But the name I like the most is for my dung beetle - Doug the Bug

Legacy PVE dino hoarder here.

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Named one of my Giga "Gigald Trump" as he need to protect my walls. Also named one of my Quetzal that got a radioactive green neck mutation "Nuclear Qactor".

Ankylosaurus = Ankystein's Monster Argentavis = Argent Scully / Argent Mulder Baryonyx = Baryshnikov Brontosaurus = LeBRONTO James Carnotaurus = CARNOld Schwarzenegger Compsog

I have an anky named "Flint Eastwood".

Posted Images

My black and other dark colour argies are called Quoth, Nevermore, Poe and Ligiea. My battle argy is called Nigh (as in 'the end is nigh'). I have a two tone brown argent named Chestnut and a pastel pink and light blue one named Bubblegum.

My poison wyverns are Arsenic, Cyanide, Belladonna and Nightshade.

Pastel green paracer named Hulk and a bright green paracer named swampy, I recently got a red paracer with a purple and black smattering named Cruor as it looks like a bruised blood clot.

Got a green saber with orange stripes named Cringer and a purple saber with black stripes named amethyst.

Dung beetles named after the members of Oasis as they are the poop beatles.

Philomia and Philomina the phiomias.

Red and black fire wyvern called Balrog.

Those are just some of mine.

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On 9/24/2019 at 1:18 AM, Erinn said:


But the name I like the most is for my dung beetle - Doug the Bug


We have two dung beetles and I have named them Bob and Doug after the McKenzie brothers. 


We have named our male and female ankys Toph and Bumi

Jerboas I've named after video game charecters (Kratos, Tifa are the two I can think of at the moment)

Have a dodo that looks like its wearing a GL suit so I named it Hal Jordan

Argy named Ravenclaw

Tried to name 3 of our Dein that were hatched at the same time Wynken Blynken and Nod but the GF stepped in and named the other two after I got Wynken named. 

T-Rex is named Bubbles and our Yuty is named Dovakhiin

Forgot to add our tek Blue and Silver Parasaur named Cyborg

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I always reserve the name Koga until I hatch a high melee Poison Wyvern.

All Ankys usually have some variation/inclusion of the word "Pokey" like Madame Pokemore, or Pokenstein, or just Pokie and Pokey.

Usually I'll name my first imprinted Quetz "Big Ol' Flapper"

Argy for weight, it will either be named "Flappenhaulen" or "Largentavis"

There are more...  But I'm blanking because I'm tired!

Nice necro though, this thread is on a 1-year idle period and then gets revived, 2 years running now!

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  1. Run past your neighbours base, note down his dino names and their type.
  2. Then in your base find dinos of the same type and of a similar level.
  3. Rename those dinos to match his.
  4.  Give ownership of them to your alt tribe
  5.  Give your alt tribe a near identical name to your neighbours
  6.  Raid people and ensure that your specially named dinos take all the kill credit
  7.  Sit back and watch as your peaceful neighbour finds himself in some serious trouble ???
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On 11/8/2019 at 5:07 AM, ThelVadam said:

most of my Dino's (especially the raptors) I named after Greek letters (kinda boring though) Like Alpha, Omega, Beta, Delta, etc. I also named a Raptor after Blue once. 

do any of you have better RAPTOR names?

I did the same thing but with the deinochis on valguero

Alpha named alpha

Second born is beta

Third is Charlie

Fourth is delta

Fith is egos 

And sixth is fain.

I sadly got attacked by alpha rex later that day and lost all my dinos but ginger my appropiatly named argi.

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