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Most Creative Dino Names

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Named one of my Giga "Gigald Trump" as he need to protect my walls. Also named one of my Quetzal that got a radioactive green neck mutation "Nuclear Qactor".

Ankylosaurus = Ankystein's Monster Argentavis = Argent Scully / Argent Mulder Baryonyx = Baryshnikov Brontosaurus = LeBRONTO James Carnotaurus = CARNOld Schwarzenegger Compsog

I have an anky named "Flint Eastwood".

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Sarco named King D. Roll(King Death Roll)

Reaper King named Hades

A giga named Snowsong after its roar alerted me to its existence, allowing me to zoom off before it destroyed me. Came back and tamed it because it was 150.

A phoenix named Helios

My wyvern "quadruplets" Surtur(Fire), Thor(Lightning), Loki(Poison), and Ymir(Ice), along with their Drake brother Primordius

My Titanosaur Atlas


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Name idea

Phiomia- Hard poopter

Therizino- Guardian of the beach

Troodon- you’re raptored

titano- Base:”Mr survivor I don’t feel so good”

Giga- Run for your ass

Pack of allo- Greek alphabet

Mosa- Giga aquatic cousin

Beaver- Bob the beaver(bob the builder)

Raptor- Prepare your eardrum

Megalosaurus- Narcoleptic

Bronto- titano less retarded brother

Diplo- UBER

Quetzal- QuetzAirline

Arthropleura- the reason why you came out with no armor

Tapejara- Wallscraper

Megalania- Spider-Man-but-can’t-shoot-web


Spino- reason why fish had become extinct

Dodo male: Destroy sausage December


Petranodon- Lockheed Blackbird

Gallimimus- DEJA VU

Carnotaur- Where’s my arm

Ankylo- ball of steel

Argent- Aerial Assault Forces



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Not weird or creative, but i think its funny. I name every dino i hatch of tame Bob. it has to do with the first dino i ever got which was a ptera that some guy literally dropped on my roof as i was farming. It was named Bob and the name just seemed to stick. It irritates my breeder tribemates to no end since they cant tell any of the dinos apart to know which have the best stats.

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1 hour ago, AlcoholicGrzzly said:

Dire bear name is Allah Ahkbear 

First post on the forums is to revive a thread that's almost a year old...interesting lol I'll bite

Our main 465 giga stud is a blue body/white belly giga named Riptide

We have a beloved poison wyvern that has been cloned many times but the original is named En Passant because it's a black and white event and our base has a chessboard theme to it (painting was a breeze lol)

We have 40 snails but only one has a name: Survivor. Had to put him down 3 times in total and he survived an alpha raptor attack to earn that name because the swamp is nothing but pure evil.

We have a male 145 pink ovis named Caitlyn Jenner and regardless of anybodies opinion on the matter I swear to Moses there was no way we could avoid naming it that, it just had to happen.

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There have been so many dinos on so many servers... I know there have been some good ones in the past, but I'll try to recall a few:

A mint green Allosaurus - Wasabi

His mate, a red and orange Allo - Sriracha

All black Thornydragon - Toothless

Lightning Wyvern - Tesla

Female Mantis - Lady Deathstrike

High level female Bronto - Beyonce

A dimorphodon - Samwise (cuz he's always saving my butt when I'm on foot in Ark)

Otter - Shawn Spencer

Shark - Sushi

Mosasaurus - Exodus

....Ah, I've had so many animals. Wish I could remember them all!

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