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Most Creative Dino Names

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Named one of my Giga "Gigald Trump" as he need to protect my walls. Also named one of my Quetzal that got a radioactive green neck mutation "Nuclear Qactor".

Ankylosaurus = Ankystein's Monster Argentavis = Argent Scully / Argent Mulder Baryonyx = Baryshnikov Brontosaurus = LeBRONTO James Carnotaurus = CARNOld Schwarzenegger Compsog

I have an anky named "Flint Eastwood".

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Oh... where does a dino hoarder begin with listing names? I'll try to omit species I don't use/tamed just for the dossier when we used to get dossiers for taming (or I just don't think are funny/original)...

Angler: Sparky

Argentavis: Kuari, Polly, and Cracker

Baryonyx: Black Canary

Beelzibufo: Frogger, Froggy, Prince, and Dud

Bronto: Flower and Lego

Castoroides: Pepe Le Pew, Penelope Cat

Daeodon: Mr. Pig

Dilo: Zergling and Borg (Multiple at a time with these names)

Direbear: Sanya

Direwolf: Geralt, Triss, Yennifer, Cirilla, Foltes, Adda, Dandelion, Zoltan and Mouse

Dodo: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Elevensies, and Midnight Snack

Doedicurus: Strobe Light (cause rolling on a Doedi and wearing a mining helmet = Strobe light )

Dung Beetle: Scatman and Dung Boy

Equus: Whiskey, Tango, Foxtrot and Stupid

Gigantopithecus: Chewbaca and Malla

Hesperornis: Ducky, Drake, Daisy, Duckduck, Mother Ducker

Lymantria: Butterfree and Mothball

Megalania: Rabies

Microraptor: Vanyel ( Had a mutation that made his main body a deep blue, kinda reminded someone of a Peacock )

Ovis: Fluffy, Floof, Floop, Fluffles, Cottonswab, Q-tip

Pegomastax: Booker ( In joke based on an old tribemate who had this habit of taking tools out of offline mate's invo and never put them back.)

Phoenix: Anasalea Kaeris, Vulcan and Morpheus

Rex: Robyn (the before mentioned Booker's wife's name), Sue, Susan Rodriguez, Harry Dresden

Rock Elemental: Nugget ( Booker's Son)

Spino: Mab, Herne, Oberon, Titania, Maeve, and Aurora

Unicorn: Yfandes, Dancer, Megwyn, Darshay and Sayvil

Wyvern: Canth, Ruth, Ramoth, Mnementh, Path, Zair, Grall ( There are others who I can't remember, all named after Dragons and Firelizards from The Dragonriders of Pern )

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We go all over with names-

Baryonyx- Snaggletooth and Fishlips

Iguanadon- Sansa

Trikes- Banjo and Siri

Equus- Gypsy, Durango, Rhondo, Calamity (Unicorn- Fynn)

Yuty's- Sexy Flocker, Stud Muffin, Cersei, Jamie

Purlovia- Gus

Thyla's- Sekmet, Sesmu, Mihos, Bastet (Egyptian Cat Gods & Goddesses)

Rex's - Zeus, Hera, Athena, Calypso, Mars, Ares, Apollo, Aphrodite, Vesta, Loki, Thor (All are Greek and Roman Gods and Goddesses) except: The meat crew.

Sausage, Son of Sausage, Sausage Patty, Sausage Link, Pate, Jr Bacon Cheeseburger, Ribeye, Tenderloin 

Allo's- Devi, Sita, Kali, Shiva (Hindu Gods and Goddesses)

Wolves- Ashima, Mokoce, Tehya, Helaku, Chaska, Catori, Mapiya

Raptors- Named after Underworld characters- Selene, Lucien, Amelia, Victor, then Lucky (He survived a group Carno attack) & Maverick

Carno's- Cesar, Kronos, Artemis

Beavers- Ward and June

Daeodon- The Donald

Megatherium- Negan and Mabel

Megalania- Vinny

Magaloceraus- Bixby

Wyvern's- Neiva, Star Asia, Drogoro, Frosty

Sarcos- Lizzy and Mack

Pteradon's- Orville and Amelia

Argent's- Savannah, Piper, Laverne (Shirley was chomped by wolves mid-tame)

Quetz= Windrider & Lucy

Nostro the Mammoth

Dodec- Podrick and Daria

Carlin the Paracer

Bucky and Arturo the Bronto's

Bea the Huggy-saur (Diplodocus)

Stella the Stego

Alexaria the Griffon

Various others in the barn, gallimus etc...the sharks in the bay, but nothing as funny as the prior players listed :)















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I name half my creatures after Pokemon, and I come up with witty or cheesy names for any other Dino’s most of the time. 

Two of my quetzals are named Laputa (the name of the castle in the sky in movie of same name) and Southeast Airlines (joke on Southwest Airlines and the fact I tamed said quetzal in the southeast part of the map)

I have a tapejara named Tom Haverford, just because I felt like it, honestly. My male daeodon is named Ron Swanson for his incredible appetite for meat, and I named my poop phiomia Jerry because it’s mostly useless.

I named my favorite Dimorph after my pet lovebird, Ginkgo, and I named one of my otters after one of my favorite animal crossing villagers due to their similar color schemes.

I was fortunate enough to get a basilo with an orca’s color scheme, so I named it Shamu.

I ALWAYS name my jerboas Muad’Dib, after the Fremen name for jerboas/kangaroo nice in Dune.

My favorite rock elemental, and the only one with a name, is called Rocky the Rock.

My boss battle Daeodon and yuty are named Napoleon (animal farm) and Leeroy Jenkins, respectively.

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My first triplets (dimorphodons, naturally) were named after the furies: Megaera, Tisiphone and Alecto.

My first black wyvern with orange wings I called Amaterasu, a shoutout to the anime geek in me that watched too much of Naruto and the Amaterasu ability “black flames.”

My giga on my Center game I called Ereshkigal, after the Mesopotamian goddess of death.

And not mine, but my friend’s eagle that I just find clever and hilarious: Joan of Ark

I don’t know how many will consider it “clever” or just think I’m a nerd, but a huge slew of my pets have received mythological or cultural names, generally applicable to their role. My three gigas all were named for death deities, my first dimorphodon was named Hermes, etc. All my wyverns but two received names borrowed from deities, as have a bunch of my dimorphodons. As for “clever,” “creative,” or “nerdy,” you be the judge, lol.

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My personal favorite is the first breed I ever did, an anky.....I named her Pancakes.  If we'd gotten a male I'd have called him Flapjacks.

my 1st elec wyvern - Prince Sonoran (desert, for SE)
Quetzal - Sky King, General Donalson (my grandfather)
Turtles named after gemstones - Sapphire, Topaz, Garnet, Beryl
Rex - Ruby (she's a beautiful red)
Brontos - (legacy) high level male is Bamm Bamm.....also had Fred, Wilma, Barney and Betty
Brontos - Tchaikovsky, Constanze (Mozzart's wife)
Doed - Emperor Seacrest (he was blue), Pebbles (Flinstones, and she pulverized rock)
Scorpions named after Shakespeare  characters
Equus - No Name, Derby
Pachys named after I Love Lucy characters - Ricky, Lucy, Fred, Ethel
Wolf - London (Jack London)
Therizinio - Sparkles, Shimmer
mutated blue bear - Harrison 

Forgot the breed, Princess Tigerlilly

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