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Most Creative Dino Names

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Named one of my Giga "Gigald Trump" as he need to protect my walls. Also named one of my Quetzal that got a radioactive green neck mutation "Nuclear Qactor".

Ankylosaurus = Ankystein's Monster Argentavis = Argent Scully / Argent Mulder Baryonyx = Baryshnikov Brontosaurus = LeBRONTO James Carnotaurus = CARNOld Schwarzenegger Compsog

I have an anky named "Flint Eastwood".

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8 hours ago, Runo85 said:

The two tuso gatekeepers will be named Sodom and Gomorrah.  All the therizinos were named after pastas i.e. tetrazzini and tortellini.  Bionic giga is named Optimus Primal.

But, what? Primal Giga named Optimus Primal?

Um . . .


I feel Megatron would have been more fitting than Optimus Primal though.

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I have an Allosaur called Ripperess, an Ovis named Clovis, a Dunkleosteus named Dieter Relli (after the real-life species name D. Terrelli), a Theri named Sickle-cell Anemia, a woolly rhino named Alexei Sytsevich (after the villain) and when I get a Megalania I'll name it Melania

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I have a Thorny Dragon named "Meso"

I have many dinos that are named after events surrounding their taming.  For instance, I have a Tapejara that is named "Spino Scare", because She tamed up 100% literally seconds before a Spino started attacking. and she was a Level 100+ pre-tame.

I have a Quetz that is named "Damn Hyenas", a Anky named "Damn Carno", and a Doed named "Damn Raptor" - all of them had their taming efficiency reduced because of being attacked within the final minute of their taming.  :Jerbmad:


I had a Rex named "Wrex-N-Effects. 

I always try to come up with a creative name, assuming their are no memorable events surrounding the tame.  However, it is Friday, and my brain is fried from work. I can't think of any more right now. 

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I have two therizinosaurus, one is named Freddy Kreuger, and the other has a Santa hat and is named Santa Claws.

I have a male lightning wyvern named Zapp Brannigan, a rock elemental named Dwayne Johnson, and an Oviraptor named Eggoraptor. Most recently, my friends and I started over on Ragnarok, and of course they chose a place that has terrible wood resources, so I went and tamed a beaver to maximize the small amount of wood we can harvest and I named it Viagra since it fixed our wood problem. 

There's a lot of others like a mammoth named Snuffleupagus, but those are the only ones I really like.

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had a megatherium named Creepy Uncle Tom..... we got him shortly after the megatherium came out. he was a really low lvl and we where close to tame limit so we where just going to kill him but, one of are tribe mates protested greatly so. we put him up in the nursery and he just kind of sat in the corner watching the babies for a few days. So we gave him a pair of dino glasses and the name just came naturally.

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I'll usually name them after what they're good at..like my Melee Rexs are all named Damage 1 to 3. Health Rexs named Health 1 to 3 and when they're boss ready I call them Boss Ready 1 to 10 lol. Ankys are named Metalgetter 1 to 3 etc. Some my wife and friends named are.

Mammoth=Wolly Nelson

Bear= Bear Grylls

Deod= Rocky Balboa

Beaver=Justin Beaver

2 Frogs named Yoshi and Lilly

Two Quetz named Que and Que2

Argent=Eddie the eagle.

Raptors= Riptor

I gotta show my wife some of these suggestions she'll love them lol


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An Ankylo named "Thor" whose spec'd in damage, he dislocates Rex jaws for a living, Eventually upgraded his name to "The Mighty Thor" and painted some lightning streaks on him. He is one of our earliest Anyklos in my collective tribe and every server I've ether transferred him wholesale or reincarnated him with Admin commands.


Teeny-Tiny-Arm-ageddon the Carno

A beautiful Naturally found max level female Black rex with red underbelly, named Bloodrose, and her mate Jungle Boogie, a Green body, orange bellied rex who I spec in weight, and he's basically my go to rex since I'm my tribes main builder.


When I first started Ark, anytime I managed to max tame a max lvl with kibble, I would give it a latin name, our most powerful rex (until Bloodrose eventually), Albeo (White) Nex (Death). (relooking up the names I used, since I may have switched out a few letters, it's really hard to pinpoint the actual latin words I based them off) another one was a max lvl argent named Umbra (Shadow) Necis (Murder (I think)), who was also white (Albeo Nex was obviously a white Rex>_>)


Recently had a high lvl Allosaurus I named Al Bundy cause I find him funny:p

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Nothing really creative, but there are some of mines :

A purple Pteranodon named Spyro

A bronze Sabertooth named Mufasa

A Pachy named Hammer Head

A Carnotaurus named Horny LilRex

A Sarco named French Kiss

A Trike named Harley DaTrikeson

A male Megaloceros named Crowned Vic

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