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Wouldn't be possible as it's all relative to the server/cluster and the economy they have built up there. 

One server might demand more price for a Dino than another. 

On my server somebody was selling argents last week for 100ingots, granted they wasn't great and was just quick tames over the weekend but I've seen worse go for more on other servers. 

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Ingots wise? Again it would depend on its levels and stats, there are too many variables to pick a specific number to represent a decent value. 

Ive seen quetzs that are bred go for between 1000-3000 ingots on the old servers, depending on its stats, I've seen them go for much less with better stats on other servers and even more for just a tamed quetz with bad stats. 

The best thing to do is just ask around on the servers if people are selling, if they are and they don't have a price in mind then offer them a low(ish) amount and work from there.  I rarely do trades as I'd rather take the time to tame and breed myself and half the time I give away dinos for free if I have no need for them regardless of their stats. Only thing I won't do is give away a good bloodline so people can sell them on, but I ain't upto that level on the new servers yet anyway. 


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41 minutes ago, greatapex said:

i see but what  would you be willing to pay for a quetz if you had a server.

Our raised Quetzal's on legacy went for 10k ingots, our mutes went for 6k poly (roughly 12k ingots) but they were hatching with 1472 weight and 2000+ stamina. I've seen Quetzal's go for 5k ings (3000-3500 max weight, 1800 stam) and some people have paid 20-30k ingots.  

So it really does depend on server and pricer. I'd say if you can get 2000 stam and 5k weight, 8-10k for a normal Quetz is about right. If it has a color mutation with those stats, 10-12k is good. 


(PVE, PS4 pricing)

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