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Orbit Camera useless as a building tool now? Or bug?

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Before a few patches ago while building, you could use Orbit Camera to perfectly line up your build piece on all sides and hit the R2 button and your done. 

Now when you hit R2 while in Orbit Camera it will exit out of Orbit Camera before placing which causes your replacement to shift back to where it would be in 1st person view. This makes building a dino gate for instance very annoying. Sure you can still use Orbit Camera to line up a few axis' but you now have to exit Orbit Camera... and before placing you just move forward and back to place properly. But the problem with a dino gateway is it's so big you can have trouble gauging if the gate is back too much or forward too much. If we could still place items in Orbit Camera this would be a breeze because you just zoom out and position straight above the dino gate and place.

Is this by design or did a piece of code go missing?

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I know what it is. Before this started happening R2 used to punch while building which exits Orbit Camera. They changed R2 to place build now which is awesome, but never took out the code where it would exit Orbit Camera when you hit R2. They need to add a code (if in orbit camera and placing a piece with R2 then exit Orbit Camera = false) simple code stuff.


Where do you bug complain about this stuff.

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