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New PC, PS4, & Xbox Servers Released

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7 hours ago, BrownieShytles said:

theres still people playing there, who are one after another forced to leave due to the constant feeling of just wasting their time on doomed servers...

i have no issue with repurposing half of them again as long as i actually get a proper deadline this time to move most of my stuff calmly, not flee like a giga was chasing me ;)

their policy of leaving legacy players hanging in the air like some disposable garbage is exactly the reason why everyone tries to get onto new servers, not because legacy is boring to play or every spot is taken. right now i´d rather freshstart on legacy than on officials, i occasionally play there and the nolifing on them is just sad to watch...20+ member tribes pillaring and grinding the living **** out of the maps, poor newbies who have to find a spot for their thatch hut.

i just wish that the people on legacy had the option of transfering 1 or 2 dinos off onto the new servers, so we had something for the 2 years we played on legacy

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Very glad to see some new servers. :) so thanks for that.  I do agree with the majority of the users that it is still just a fraction of what is needed in the long run.  Tried transfering to one of the new NA-PVE servers that had been up for about a day and the majority of the map was already pillared off.  Had to fight off thylos/terror birds deep in the redwoods just to find a place to build my first thatch hut.  Feels bad man.


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Are there going to be more Ragnarok Legacy PvE servers? Right now, there are only 4 on the PlayStation 4. Two are North American and two are European Union. It's next to impossible to get on the servers most of the time. I know they want us to move to the new official servers, but most of us don't want to abandon what we have been working on for years. It's not fair to push this new map so much, and then choke off your loyal players. Can you get at least 10 Ragnarok PvE servers for both the North American servers and EU servers?

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