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Ark: A World Unbound (Testing Some Prose)


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Screams, and the thunder of a beating heart. I couldn’t hear much else.


But the screams weren’t mine. Not any more. My own mantra of shouted curses and pained yelling had long since passed.


The raptor’s claws had gone deep, but thankfully they missed any major organs. Still, it would take weeks for my leg to heal with the muscle tissue as damaged as it was. I paused my hobble-gaited walk toward my shelter - I had been foolish to venture so far - and looked back over my shoulder. My makeshift spear supported me as I shifted my weight.


Golden sunlight illuminated the western sky and painted the metal of the great red tower so that it glowed like magma. Soon it would be night. I turned back to my shadow and followed it East.


I’d only been here for a three months, but it felt like years. I was on an island filled with creatures I’d only ever seen restored for display in museums, and they were just as alive as I was. More so, if I had to account for my injury. There were signs of other humans, too, but I’d never encountered them. Perhaps they watched me as I struggled, though if they were waiting for the moment to kill me, they had wasted many opportunities. This was not the first time I had been so seriously injured.


I considered the idea that I was simply paranoid. It was possible, given the number of carnivores that roamed the island. Although I was quickly learning that there could not be such thing as “too much caution” when confronted with such conditions.


The sky darkened as the sun took its rest beyond the horizon, and I steeled myself for the long night to come. Shadows deepened and living creatures become mysterious silhouettes.



Just an experiment. Wanted to get a feel for how I’d write Ark-based prose. Maybe I’ll flesh this character out and give her a name/personality. Beyond what’s here, of course.

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8 hours ago, Onstont said:

Oooooooo wonder if fever or infection will take her over. ....maybe she isn't paranoid....or maybe she will recover and hunt smarter. So many variations left to imagination.  I like it :)


I'm debating several ideas! Once I have a better concept of what I want to do, I'll be updating/replacing this chapter with something a little more solid. Thank you for the comment! ^_^

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