pvpve SEG LOTL PvP No Wipe Clustered Ragnarok, The Island , SE and The Volcano

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SEG LOTL PvP No Wipe Clustered Ragnarok, The Island, SE and The Volcano


Star Empire Gaming proudly unveils our new clustered Ragnarok, The Island and The Volcano maps. These are PvP servers with offline raid protection and boosted rates. They have everything you've ever wanted from Official servers and none of the fear. The added fresh new maps to explore will be a welcome distraction from the well known Island, Center and SE. C'mon and join the SEG community for some good ARK fun. You can find the servers at the link below as well a listing of installed mods and server rates.

4th Clustered map featuring Abberation Map



- ORP2
- Refining Gas Forge
- OP Feeding Trough
- Omnicular
- Ultra Stacks
- S+
- Platforms +
- Ammo Pool
- Auction House
- Castles n Keeps
- Medival Structures
- Medival Props
- Bridges
- Vacuum Sorter
- Craftible Element
- Aviary Structures
- Ark Advanced
- Upgrade Bench
- MrRadtools Inc
- Dino Tracker


- Exp = 2.0
- Taming = 4.0
- Harvest = 4.0
- Egg Hatch Speed = 2.0
- Mature Speed = 8.5
- 4 hrs daytime 10 mins nightime (roughly)

Come join us, we have been gaming together for years we want to fill up these servers to make it as dynamic as possible. we have nearly 24/7 admin support spread across 3 times zones.
Griefing and other such actions will be dealt with in the old fashion ark way. Only cheats will get banned.

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