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      Note for players regarding Ascension (please open terminal/tribute before ascending)   02/04/18

      With the latest server update on PC (v276.493), if you're going to attempt ascension, before doing so please make sure you've opened a supply crate/transmitter/obelisk/ basically anything terminal/tribute inventories. It's a temp workaround to characters being lost when ascending whilst we're investigating character issues further.
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pve Common Kings Fresh 9/21 Ragnarok 2xH,T, XP

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Common Kings 9/21 Fresh PVE Ragnarok 2xH,T, XP 

Server IP

60 Slots - Fresh Wipe/Restarted 9/21/2017
Mods: S+, Pet Finder, Omnicular, Extra Ark DoubleDoors, StacksOnly 


Fun group, looking for more players.
Newbies welcome. NO PVP: have fun, no trolls. 
Friendly environment, great place to hang and play, build, tame, go wild.
Come get a piece of the 'Rok!!

Plan to add a Abberation Server once it is out as well. 


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Admin - Birthday Event - Friday 9/29 through Saturday 9/30 

The Treasure Chest in the cusp of the murder snow has been spawned in, others hides in 2 locations. These will remain till found and claimed. Hints will be broadcast after 2 pm EST on 9/29.

New Peeps will get a gift after they contact the admin. (log in to get contact information - provide in game name and steam id and soon as admin is available they will find you and deliver your gift.)

There will be additional Supply Drops and some cave crates spawned in the vicinity of Spawn Areas beginning after 2 pm EST on 9/29.

Bounty hunt for Painted Parasaurs and Dilophosaurs. (Images will be attached when even starts) - starts at 2pm EST 9/29 - Find One claim for a prize. These are tamed Dinos that are set to be claimed by any who finds them. 

Scavenger Hunt for Colored Crates - find one and retrieve the item inside to claim a prize. 

- find something report it and admin will come to you and deliver your prize after confirming.

- you can collect more than one and upgrade your prize/bounty.  

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With today's patch and Expansion - loads of areas to explore and plenty of places to build. If you are looking for a home... come join us

Some of the Ragnarok Map Expansion features in ARK 272 update Featuring:

Ability to place tree platforms on some desert rocks
Explorable canyons
Oil/water veins
Dense metal and obsidian locations
New vista locations
Flat building plateaus
3 caves (2 building caves)

Increased chance of Spinos spawning
Moved Leeds away from the coast/coastal inlets. Should now spawn farther out in the ocean.
Decreased total Coel amount in the ocean
New Giga Spawn added in the Southwest region (Near Green Obelisk)
Wyverns added into Purple Crystal Wyvern Den off the coast. This will help eggs show up more frequently as well.
Increased chance of Therizino spawns
Desert Spawns readjusted and ready for new section of map

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So will be doing some Halloween Shenanigans. Hope you will join us on one or more of our servers!!

Also have a second server not clustered yet... stand alone but it has Halloween Shenanigans from the Developer and its loads of fun.

PVE Common Kings The Volcano - 
(2x most everything but Experience)

Currently have xp at 1 - since there are explorer notes all from all the maps - seems like. Yea not exactly Easy Mode... lol - but hit some notes and well - poof - levels.

Running Structures Plus, Omni, Stacks, Pet Finder - can discuss others if there is a request and consensus.

NOT Really PVP - but Tribe wars is set to on - if both tribe agree and can set duration. Otherwise all PVE.

Super Friendly Group - on Day 50. SO very fresh. 10 people - right now - few more probably coming over from one of our other servers - NO - not downloading - starting fresh - but starting on this server - got room for 60 can always Up that.

Halloween Madness on THE VOLCANO!!
Zombie Jerboas that can kill you... lol AND MORE!!!

You find some Pumpkin air drop where you can get some goodies, also around the map are graveyards guarded by zombie dinos, kill them to get skeleton skins.

Further you can get binoic skins from killing certain dinos during the event. It will spawn 3 dinos of each type around the map, find them, kill them and get their bionic skin.

Bionic Parasorus
Bionic Raptor
Bionic Quetz
Bionic Rex
Bionic Stego
Bionic Trike

Note: The Bionic Rex will give you the Bionic Mosa Skin, because the Bionic Rex skin is a reward from the hard end boss.

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