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ARK: Aberration Expansion Pack Announced!

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Lol what the point in this DLC... I am already playing on a malfunctioning derilict ARK for free....

Wow, just wow, I feel like deja vu here. We literally just finished dealing with the drama and bull crap you git's at wildcard put us through release, not even a finished freaking product and you only

Who cares about new content when you can not log in to the excisting content?

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If you needed time like that don't post something knowing it will not be ready in time, and also if you put a month and year it's coming keep to the plan and don't fool with the people that helps make your game flourish, your only asking for people to basically break the game and never play it again when doing stuff like that. It's not cool and it's not nice to mess around like that.

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