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PIXOMONDO Live Action ARK Trailer & ARK Soundtrack: Behind the Scenes!


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9 hours ago, Seghs said:

Spawning on the beach and immediately being killed for no reason?

Seems pretty accurate :P

they should do one for SE where he dies from wolves 8 times in a row before he can even open his eyes and then when he gets a break and spawns in he take three steeps only to be flung by a rock elemental into the sky to have a  death worm burst from the earth to eat his body mid-air.

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I first saw ARK on Steam and was sorely disappointed that my computer wasn't beefy enough to run it. (I could barely play The Forest!) So I resigned myself to watching trailers and gameplay on Youtube.

Then one day I turned on my Xbox to find that ARK was available there, too! I immediately purchased the alpha version and began playing. Within an hour, I knew it was more than worth the $35 I paid. And it's only gotten better! (Granted, I tend to play single player and non-official dedi servers, but still.)

I then purchased a refurbished console and started up my own dedicated server for myself and some friends. I've had to set it aside for a while, due to inconsistent Internet, but...

I'm hoping that soon I'll be able to afford a computer with which to run my own cluster, and my friends and I can tackle everything ARK has to offer. Thank you for making this an unforgettable experience!

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Okay, so what o want is an entire Ark to show, about someone waking up on the beach, taming dinos, crafting, meeting others and just discovering the secrets of Ark. but, there's a catch. Each season is on a different map. E.g, season one: ark. Season 2: the centre. Reply if you think the same!

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Guess it's going to be a pretty short movie. Also, please, incorporate some practicality and common sense (i.e. trigger control). if you're lopping around on a raptor with your finger on the trigger, chance are you're just going to end up firing all of your rounds into the air.

Otherwise this looks amazing and really well done.

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