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Single player, simulate passage of time upon startup

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That would be fun as an optional feature (I would want to preserve the existing behavior as an alternative as well) but I wonder what elements would need to be simulated in order to provide the correct feeling of time passage.

The game can't possibly simulate the entire body of game mechanics for an appropriate interval, because for example if you take a week or two off from playing, upon return it would take a day or more to run through all the code on fast-forward to figure out what happened while you were gone.

So it would have to be selective and simulate the easy things (maybe things like farm growth, food expiration times, day/night timer, etc.) but leave other more complicated things (which dinos eat which other dinos) untouched or make arbitrary random decisions.

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Yeah, I like the liveliness of time passing on dedicated servers where I normally play, but I'm afraid I might go too casual at some point to keep up defenses and might shift to local play, but it's not as fun coming back exactly where you left off.

On local I usually shut down when it gets dark, but then startup and have a full night to play through. If I log into night I kind of twiddle my thumbs, if I'm playing before night arrives I usually have things to tend to during the night.

But you touched on the main ones, night/day, crops, food expire, fertilizer, whatever works.

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