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Day One! Launch & More!

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Today, ARK: Survival Evolved has made its transition from an Early Access title to a full Digital and Retail release. As a studio, we are incredibly excited about reaching this milestone. It has been

all servers will be rolling out soon! Unfortunately there were some unforeseen technical issues which requires a hotfix update. Cert is pushing through and servers will be down for what should be a br

Everyone who bought the game on "Launch Day" or before should get the season pass including all future paid DLC for free in compensation for failing the community on Day Zero............

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Official launch Aug 29th for single player, the countdown Sept 1 is for official server launch.

I lied.

Other than that, it is now past 10am "Easterm" (Toronto time atm 11:30 AM). Confirmed daylight savings time did not change today. Confirmed I live in Eastern Time Zone. Confirmed 10am Eastern = 10 am Eastern Time = 10 am Eastern Standard Time. omg the doubts ARK has given me.

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Just now, Bassplayer said:

So only SP or rented servers are the only options? No official servers for half the day or more? What gives WC all the delays to release and now no servers?

it takes a while to boot up 1,000 servers that are all networked together. then there is a slight chance it will crash the network if all done at the same time. they do not want to allow access to any with out this. they could bottle neck it and open a few at a time and allow players to start to fill them. this would guarantee full servers 60+ people per server but then it would be a huge land grab but good for pvp!

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20 minutes ago, elementira said:

So we get ragnarok now, but it ain't finished, cause I can't enter the dessert.
why delay the map so many times and then just give us 75% of the map

or is there a upcoming patch I don't know about?


The Ragnarok devs are a separate entity from WildCard and they're still working hard at the map. Brilliant job so far though.

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Please give us an update as to the status of what's going on? You brought down console servers at midnight and PC servers at 2 am. The servers should have been ready for deployment at 8 and 9 am respectively like you had stated. Now it's almost 12 pm on launch day and the servers are still not deployed? Don't give a timeline or deadline that you physically cannot keep.  Or at least let us know what is going on.

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I woke up this morning with my phone spammed with twitter messages from Jat, Jen, Ark, Jeremy and a whole bunch of other more peeps... but now there is so much silence it makes me think my internet is either not working or my twitter app crashed... but no I've made sure everything is functioning correctly I guess it wouldn't be Ark without the delay


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