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The-EU-OfficialServer183 (on Nitrado)
Yes - Jackpot... 4/5 servers... should play gambling with this quote. :P 
Unfortunately EU-ScorchedEarth669 was my PvE server with no lag... my other server has so damn lags that you can't play caves or something like this.
But this explains the "no lag" feeling...
My interests are in EU-ScorchedEarth669 (server data, base and character) and EU-PrimitivePVP-nitradotest6 (character)
So my Question:
I did read that there will be an option to download the server data.


How will this be handled?
Is it possible to get automatically a "blank" character with the level only on a new server for PvP? - I'm death anyway on this server because a Chinese group did wipe one day and after this the server was very aggressive against every one xD 
How to get the server data?
Did you think about a possibility to get on a new PvP server with an old character? (Or did you exclude this because of the cheater?)
Is it possible to get stuff on an official server? Or only for the home dedicated or single player?
Well I could search another server and hopefully I can reach a loot box to do so... On PvP it is hart because they build around the obelisks.

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