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i'd support for an extended tribe log, even if it applied for our tames. lets face it, you're not too fond of your egg farm status but only for the still-maturing ones and high level breeders in general. so i guess right now people are using Ark Smart Breeding app to fill that missing link. i wish there was an in-game option though, so you wont have to use 3rd party sites to calculate the estimates. applies to taming (both the tranqs needed to down a creature for non-engram tiered weapon and the time/narco/kibble to feed a specific level) and keeping tabs on breeding (base lvls and stat points). at least those are the two main thing for me that i need help with. if only noobs knew of wiki they'd be less teary-eyed when berry taming a 150 trike (which i did, before 1.5x).

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