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Are you tired of being called a troll for no reason? Are you tired of getting wiped after 1 day of building? Are you tired of all the Ark BS that's happening to you? Then you came to the right place. For years now, we've been neglected, pushed away, and beat up on. BUT THAT CHANGES NOW! WE ARE CALLING ALL SURVIVORS FOR A SERVER TAKE OVER. WE WILL be the hand of justice. WE WILL NOT tolerate trolls to any degree. WE WILL NOT BE PUSHED AROUND ANYMORE. WE WILL TAKE A STAND. WE WILL BE ALPHA. 

For details message X5X Avenger on Xbox live to see if you're qualified for the job! We are calling are survivors who've been stepped on this whole time, we are calling all the people to unite as one and work together for the greater good of the Ark! #DONTTREADONME


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