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Community Crunch 99 & ARK Digest 47: Introducing the Otter!


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Survivor, Blackwolfe asks, “In my opinion, building is one of the important pillars of Ark and the building system is long overdue for some love. Do you have any plans to improve the building system in the near future? (like with improved snapping, triangle pieces like in s+, decorations etc).”


We’re investing the possibility of including Structures+ as an officially integrated feature -- beyond an Officially Supported Mod, directly into the core game itself. No promises yet though, it depends on how much of a clean implementation it proves to be.

Now we are over a month away from this can we ask what the word is on this? the mod is 100% needed on consoles at the minute and often when i ask questions i am, frustratingly, pointed at s+.

How do i build in underwater base units, nothing snaps? Use the s+ mod it provides smaller vacuum cubes with snap points.

Anyway to hide water and electric pipes? Use the s+ mod it allows for intergrated and correct size pipes and cables.

Anyway to turn down the noise generators make? Use the s+ mod it provides silent generators.

How do i rotate side pieces to make inverted slopes and triangle pieces for hexegon domes? Use the s+ mod as it has additional building parts.

Anyway to make normal doors open and close automatically like the tek doors? Use the s+ mod  it has that feature and double doors.

Anyway to transfer metal directly from my dino to my forge, its rather time consuming to transfer it bit by bit? use the s+ mod, it allows you to pull resources from nearby containers including dinos

The only question of late i have asked on twitter/reddit/forums/discord that has not been answered with "use s+" was asking if i could change the stack size max amounts (highrate server) and i was told about 4 different mods to do that with....

At times i have really felt like screaming "I'm on the ps4 we dont get f'n mods"  but the times i have said i cant install s+ as i am on console is always met with "get the pc version" i have the pc version, but all my real life friends have consoles only so thats what i am stuck with (and no i am not ditching mates i have known for 3 decades) 

S+ seems like an amazing and ESSENTIAL mod, these new dino's are cool but building is a major part of ark and it has so many issues it really needs some love, this digest hints at s+ being considered but i am not sure what is exactly needed to be considered, it has over a million subscribers on steam it clearly works (and is much loved) please integrate it, post haste, unlike our pc only gaming brothers we can not choose to install it our selfs.

The other thing is how do we unlock the sword/shield/light? 

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