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livestream Thoughts on ARK streamers/youtubers

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Im just curious about what streamers/youtubers other ppl around the community are into and why. I, for the most part, just watch youtube cause its easier to do on my phone while im at work (I work night shift). All the ppl I watch I watch for different reasons.

Nerd parade: of course I watch nick and his shenanigans because its pure entertainment, I learn a lot about different mods and developing strats for larger-ish tribe warfare and building.

Partiallyroyal: he has had a few less ARK videos as of lately but that's understandable with the way things have been between these updates. but I enjoy watching him because it teaches a lot about smaller tribe warfare and he works very well with his tribemates

Sf gaming/Jerbaron:I absolutely LOVE to watch to watch Jer on SOTF but it seems his streaming days are currently put on hold sadly, but I highly recommend going back and watching his youtube streams to figure out a lot of different ways and strats to play in SOTF.

Gtjacked: This guy is enjoyable to watch because he's one of the few that I watch that are on officials so I know that everything they do as a tribe can be done on any other official given the opportunity, I know none of what they build, fight with, tame, breed, is in any way affected by mods, and their run on this official server has been very good, always excited to see the progress and their tribe wars

Kishko: He is by far one of the best SOLO PVPers that I have ever seen, he has some great plays, he, along with one, maybe two other ppl, is able to raid some pretty decent sized bases, not alpha bases or anything, you just cant do that without much more than what they carry around, but with just pteras/thylos, a long neck, and a couple c4, they do very well, one of the best longneck snipers ive ever seen, also he plays officials so its that much more exciting seein em kill multiple guys from alpha tribes when they start trying to hunt him down.

1cebox: another great SOTF streamer that is good enough to play around with grapple/parachutes while no scoping ppl with his longneck left and right. hes very entertaining to watch and informative, if youre not sure whats going on or what hes doing while watching his stream, just ask in chat and he'll politely let ya know, if he doesn't notice the question, one of his friends in the chat will let you know for him, very nice group usually hangin around in his chat.

I watch serveral others for various things such as boat building, PVE gameplay, mods, patch notes, etc

thoughts on any of these channels or others?

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21 hours ago, RyanV said:

Too bad gtjacked go wiped the other day. :(

it is a shame indeed, but he'll surely start up a new season on the new servers after release and ill be lookin forward to it, but Im enjoying his newer dark and light series too and willing to check out any other games he may get into.


2 hours ago, ranger1presents said:

No list would be complete with Sl1pg8tr.  Yes he's focused on PVE and Mods, but his good nature is infectious.  :)

I knew someone would add him, ive watched a couple of his older videos when hed do raid events and "stuff & things", its just a lil hard for me to get into PVE but h is still a good player with a huge fanbase, I give em respect for sure.

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