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pvp 522 reckless alpha

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 Anyone need a server to take out a weak alpha look no further. They are awful and we took most of them out with centipedes. We told "billy" to not hurt them but he cut down not only the alpha but the beta slaves. The alpha tribe is not only reckless but can't control their beta tribes. We were told peace by a beta tribe "controlled by alpha" but Blake Bella booty of Pacifists went against his superiors and attacked at midday with the defiance tribe. We were taming our 10th and last giga when they threw so many grenades the game lagged and killed everything we had. I not only believe they lagged the game on purpose (seeing how they could never kill us before)  they probably duped for their items. If you are reading this do not join this server it should be flagged and wiped from the game. If you join the server ask for the "red suit" its code for resistance against the cheaters as we currently are rebuilding for future attacks . Any questions regarding this server feel free to message me. Thank you.

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