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Hey I would have asked this on the forum explaining the commands but replies have been disabled so I decided to ask here, do the admin spawn commands where you can add, subtract or manipulate dino spawns to a specific biome work on xbox one??? for example: 

" ConfigAddNPCSpawnEntriesContainer=(NPCSpawnEntriesContainerClassString="DinoSpawnEntriesBeach_PGM_C",NPCSpawnEntries=( (AnEntryName="GigaSpawner",EntryWeight=1000.0,NPCsToSpawnStrings=("Gigant_Character_BP_C"))), NPCSpawnLimits=( (NPCClassString="Gigant_Character_BP_C",MaxPercentageOfDesiredNumToAllow=0.01) )  )

This will ADD a Giganotosaurus Spawner to the PGARK's beach spawner, but limiting it to only 1 Giga per spawner (via the NPCSpawnLimits): "

Appreciate this inquiry being answered,

Thank you!,

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