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Most important dinos and Farming

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14 hours ago, AdligerAdler said:

I don't need that much cement and very rarely polymer. I have several storage boxes full of cement and rarely need it. I don't want to sell it either. Also I don't play that much Ark anymore. It's annoying when I have to log into a game that I don't want to play right now because tames need food. That's why dams are better for me and I got rid of my 2 snails a long time ago, and why I'm in the process of getting cryo fridges and pods.

That was my concern, I'm wondering why go to ANY trouble when a single Beaver Dam can give enough paste for 6 foundations...

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On ‎2‎/‎25‎/‎2018 at 10:31 PM, Krispybakon735728 said:


2 GODDANGIT I forgot it's name but it's a bird it lands on water and you can kill penguins with it for polymer quick and easy


Pelagornis,  And I have to agree. Granted, I only play PvE, and it may not have some of the utility of other flying mounts in that it cannot do a barrel roll like a Pteradon or carry other critters like the Pteradon or an Argentavis, but for a pure comfort mount, especially earlier in the game, it is hard to beat the Pelagornis.

It is an easy tame (a bola, a few tranq arrows, the right food and some narcotics, and a little time are all that's needed).  It has low stamina use, so even a low level one can fly really long distances without needing to stop.  And when you do need to stop, it can land virtually anywhere.  Nasties on land?  No problem.  Land in the water.  Nasties in the water?  No problem.  Land on land.  Nasties in both places?  No problem.  It swims fast and regens stamina quickly while swimming, so just land in the water, keep moving forward, and you can be back in the air within a few seconds with a full stamina bar before the nasties in the water even really know you were there (provide you don't swim through a bunch of jelly fish).

All of that means you can scout or travel long distances with virtually zero risk.

As for gathering, they are excellent at getting fish meat.  They have a bit of an AoE on their bite, and they get 10x the damage on Coelacanths, Piranha, and Salmon.  Combine that with their unique ability to harvest on the killing blow, and you can swoop down into a school of fish, swim through them chomping as you go, and be back in the air having never stopped, and come out with loads of fish.  This allows you to safely harvest a bunch of fish even when there are lots of really bad tempered critters nearby, as long as you don't do anything stupid.  As mentioned in the quoted post, they also get bonuses for organic polymer gathering on penguins. 

They don't naturally harvest prime fish meat, but pair it with an Ichthyornis, and it is fun to land in water, and swim around on the Pela while ordering the Ichthy to attack fish while on Hunt and Retrieve mode.  The Ichthy will kill a fish, and drop it for you, and you simply swim over and harvest it with the Pela.  It will almost always contain Prime Fish meat even if the fish doesn't normally drop it because of the Ichthy's special ability, and the Pela makes harvesting it from the corpse quick and easy.

One of my favorite things with it, too, is the fact that it can go through a single high double door, even if you are mounted on it, making it easy to safely tuck away even in a simple house.

When starting a new game where they are available, it is always my get-as-soon-as-possible tame even if it has to sit around at base for a while because I am not high enough level to make a saddle for it.

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