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      With the latest server update on PC (v276.493), if you're going to attempt ascension, before doing so please make sure you've opened a supply crate/transmitter/obelisk/ basically anything terminal/tribute inventories. It's a temp workaround to characters being lost when ascending whilst we're investigating character issues further.

Rented Ragnarok Server. Mature. PVE with PVP/PVE events

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Lost Paradise Ark

We are looking for Couples, lone wolves & small tribes (Max 4 players) aged 20+ to join us, family tribes of adults may have younger family members if mature and responsible. With arrival of PC hosted Ark Survival Evolved PS4 servers we have started our own server. Initially we have a PVP Ragnarok server setup as a PVE server with PVP & PVE events for couples, lone-wolves and small tribes of friends. The plan is to form a friendly community where we engage in lots of PVE & PVP events with slightly boosted but not OP rates and rules to ensure everyone has fun. Later we plan to expand to other maps to  enable dino storage to reduce server lag and have some diversity in game play, possibly adding an all out PVP server for those who want to raid as well as take part in other events.

Access to our server is by application via our website: https://lostparadiseark.enjin.com/ and possibly a short interview with one of our Admin, this is to ensure we only get the people who will fit in our community. You can find server rules on our websiteAccess will be strictly adult only. The community will get a say in future events, servers, and settings as we develop together. 

Server settings:

  1. 2 x Exp
  2. 2.5 x Harvesting & Taming
  3. 3 x Incubation & Maturation
  4. 0.3 x Egg laying interval, Mating interval & baby food consumption
  5. 2 x Player weight per level
  6. Cross hairs, Damage numbers & 3rd Person camera enabled
  7. No offline raiding, their will be no raiding allowed anyway.
  8. Max Tribe Number 4, this may change in the future.
  9. Custom recipes allowed and effectiveness/Skill factor x6


Planned Events to include:

  1. PVE Boss battles
  2. PVE Cave runs
  3. PVP Gladiatorial games (Both player and dino orientated)
  4. Dino Races
  5. Hunt the fugitive PVP 
  6. King of the hill/Hold the flag PVP
  7. Medieval siege events with Wyverns & siege equipment/dinos.
  8. PVE hunting expeditions
  9. Pirate themed raft building and sea battles PVP


What we offer and plans for the future:

  1. Once we are more established we will have a welcome centre, new members will be met on the beach by an Admin account, invited to the server alliance and given a basic starter pack. 
  2. We plan to build a community centre with a market place, crafting area and community meeting room.
  3. Our own Discord server with chat and voice functionality for group events etc
  4. Guaranteed Mature player base as only players 20+ will be accepted, family tribes with younger members maybe considered.
  5. A forum for you to have your say on events and server settings, the community will be involved in our development.
  6. Strict rules and polite active Admins with no Admin abuse. No discrimination of any kind will be tolerated on the server or any media related to the server.
  7. A clean server, fines will be issued for leaving spike walls/taming pens or disused structures around.
  8. Regular events planned at different times to allow everyone to get involved. 


So if being a part of our community appeals to you then please apply on our website https://lostparadiseark.enjin.com/ and we will see you soon 

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Changes made post server launch
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3 hours ago, OhMyDerp said:

Nowhere to register for the forum or any type of application form, i am interested tho.

PSN: Oh_My_Derp

Age: 24

Country: Netherlands

Internet: 90mb/s download, 14mb/s upload

I like that you want a clean server and the stat boosts are very good.

Hi, the website has a recruitment page with an application form. This site won't let me put links to it though. I know it works as I've already had an application submitted and accepted. The site is lostparadiseark.enjin.com you make a profile and the fill out the application on the recruitment page. Not sure how I can make it easier. I'll send a link to your psn as well to see if that helps 👍

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