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Hey everyone, New to the forums. Thought I'd jump in here and tell you guys about me. I'm tribe leader of Forty Thieves on SE 800. No need to worry Forty Thieves is just a name for the desert theme, shoulda named my char Ali Baba but I didn't know I was gunna name the tribe Forty Thieves at the time. I have about 1,200 hours logged in game. I'm a big time grinder for building, I find it fun and can gather and build for hours/days. I just raised 5 wyverns at the same time during the 2x food consumption glitch, possibly the worst experience of my life. Might be a little off topic but I feel like I deserve an achievement or statue in my honor for it lol I'd like to get into trading here on these forums. I've made lots of friends trading through Reddit, I've never had a bad trade experience and I'd like to keep it that way. Anyway I'm looking forward to being apart of the forums in a game that consumes my life lol

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