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pvp Yataland [3 Clus][12 Map][PvPvE][3xBR][4xGR/XP][6xTM]

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Server Hardware:

Dell PowerEdge R730

  • 1 x Intel Xeon 12 Core E5-2650L v3 1.8 - 2.2GHz processor, 24 threads total
  • 128GB DDR4 2133MHz ECC memory
  • 14 x 600 GB 10K SAS drives (5 Gbps read 4Gbps write) + 2 x 600 GB 10K SAS global spares
  • Raid 10 Array
  • 15 minute saves and auto update checks
  •  Backups done at 2:30 AM / PM daily to external drive

Just a friendly PvPvE server. Our first cluster contains 9 maps. This includes:

  • Skull Island (The Island)
  • Pandora (The Center)
  • Perfection (Scorched Earth)
  • Valhalla Rising (Ragnarok)
  • Nostromo (Aberration)
  • Lost In Space (Extinction)
  • Yataland Arena (Eventmap) Mod Info
  • Bismuth (Volcano) Mod Info
  • Fhloston Paradise (Valguero)

We have also added a few mods to the servers. These mods are:

  • Ark Steampunk Mod (679529026)
  • Structures Plus (S+) (731604991)
  • Bitou2k's Kibble: Craft Station (926028694)
  • Boosted Fabricator+ [2.0] (778345456)
  • StackMeMore (v1.41) (1184731864)
  • Castles, Keeps, and Forts Medieval Architecture (764755314)
  • Platforms Plus (719928795)

(Mod versions might not be updated on this post but are updated on server)

We have two other clusters that as of now have 3 maps total. We plan on adding more maps to these clusters.

Cross Ark global chat is enabled. When a player chats in global on one map it is sent to all maps.

For more info and to connect to the servers - Click Here


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