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Singleplayer Bug/Issue Collection Thread

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@Jen@Jat There was already a thread created by Jat a not so long time ago, but I guess he didn't care enough to keep it alive. There are many posts with detailed bugs and IMO both threads should be merged. Thank you Jen for being so involved with the community.

In case it doesn't get merged I'll copy & paste here the ones I listed on the thread:

PS4 Pro. Hello Jat and Dev Team, it seems that many of us suffer from the same issues. The caves are sometimes empty or in other cases there's too many creatures and turns the game into a lag fest, other times specifically in The Center the cave dwellers spawn above ground creating another lag fest. Regarding Dino spawns there are zones in the map where only a couple spawn, others in which there's no dinos and others where there are only one species of dino and in vast numbers. IMO the spawn system should be overhauled meaning no more spawn weights. My suggestion is to create better ecosystems and limit each dino/creature to certain zones in specific numbers making sure there's always that quantity available in that area. An example: Southern Islets, lets say you limit that area with 20 parasuaurs, 3 diplos, 10 pteras, 12 dilos, and a pack of 10 raptors, if you kill three raptors there will be only 7 of them in that area until three more respawn making that pack a maximum of 10 raptors. This would make the game much more immersive and would turn every corner of the island into a diverse ecosystem, rewarding the player by exploring certain areas of the map to tame or hunt specific dinos. This way the whole map will never be populated by the same species of dinos in excessive numbers.

When walking on shallow water while mounting a dino there's an audio bug in which only one footstep splashes and the other one is mute. I am also hoping that you fix the excessive bloom effect on water, snow and metal structures, they are making me blind. This issue has been reported several times a long time ago by the community, this affects all platforms.

Baby cuddle Interval Multiplier slider in settings doesn't work. When you kill an argy while flying and the corpse falls on a rock it sinks through the rock. Yutyrannus' claw textures are not loading properly and they look really bad. When traversing the snow biome during dawn there's an excessive amount of flickering glitter in the snow. There are texture errors on some of the rocks on the shore of the river that divides the Grand Hills from the Northern Plains, they are located on the Grand Hills side near a waterfall, their texture flickers and switches incessantly from snow to regular rock in a loop. Standing close to several eggs that are incubating near ACs causes fps drops.

Some patches of the ground vegetation such as grass and green leaves appear and dissapear in a flickering manner, its the same with shadows in certain locations. When wearing the fur gauntlets if you exit the game and then reenter it, the textures on your hands glitch out and you can see the flesh of the hands clipping through the gloves. So you have to un-equip the gauntlets and re-equip them in order to fix it. When wearing the fur gauntlets while looking at the map, the fur from the gauntlets clips through the map. In scorched earth, after traveling through the map for a while, the joshua trees' green shrubbery from the branches dissapear and they end up looking like horrible dead trees with missing textures.

When eating lots of stacks of raw meat in a row while mounting a dino, the game freezes for a brief period of time and its the same when you drop items, my guess is that it has something to do with the game saving.


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All for xbox Inverted Y axis in menus I find the radial menu being inverted because I invert the camera extremely awkward.   When opening the smithy all the items inside started at the

Please fix/change the text size. It's now impossible with the new UI to see or read any texts or numbers in your inventory on console. And icons are also to small now.

I would never kid about something serious....the earplug, preferably foam, will help protect the eardrum from further damage....if you really think there is damage to the eardrum,  make an appointment

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11 hours ago, ChronicAmnesia said:

Well literally every response so far is exactly what you said not to reply about. To break the cycle here... I play on Xbox and since the patch with the "spawning over time" now nothing really spawns anymore lol. I heavily tested this today practically spent all day on ark. Did 2 Dino wipes and spent at least 3 hours straight between them. The problem was fixed, there aren't a MILLION dire wolves, raptors etc in their respective biomes and I actually saw an alpha Rex today! Sweet! But the snow biome, both mountains, are literally almost vacant. The beaches, just about ALL of them, have 0 dinos. I even would stay in an area for 15-20 minutes moving around to see if the area needed time to unstasis or something. And the more "rare" or "difficult" dinos (yuti, thyla, allo, equus) are just about non exsistent. And I also tested the oceans which were pretty baren. Pre patch on a lap around the ocean floor I would typically encounter at least 2 alpha mosa's a tuso, a good amount of mosas and a bunch of plesi's. But today, and I spent a good 2 hours down there I saw 0 alphas a couple mosas and mostly plesi's. But the caves are working perfect. Underwater and under ground. There were a few areas on my map that were totally normal but 80% of the map was basically empty.


You know they want Client side bugs right. Non-dedicated and Dedicated servers are both client side since they both originate from the console/PC version of the game(At least I know it is for console, I don't know if PC servers are different). 


(Xbox One)As for bugs here is three:

First one that has been plaguing me since the dawn of time, offline raid prevention interval, now known as logout timer. Never worked as far as I know. You can not believe how much this would help server hosts if this feature was fixed.


Second is that babies sometimes don't eat on their own in my dedicated server. I have the default baby consumption settings but people still need to force feed them or else they will die.


Third one is one that has already been said on here, and that is my dedicated server file being corrupted due to the new update. Changed some settings to fix the dino's stats(they were incredibly high) and tried loading it back up but crashed the entire game as soon as it fully loaded. Happened every time I tried to load it up since. Kind of blows since my server had some fun events planned out for the last few remaining days before Ragnarok released. :/

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Xbox split screen singleplayer issues I have noticed. 

Shouldermounts still appear invisible unless you are riding A tame or sitting on A chair or bench.

Since new update the text on the radial menu is small.

Menu Text is super small in splitscreen.

Scorched Earth splitscreen problem. When going underwater player ones view is super foggy blue untill player two goes underwater then P1 can see underwater fine. Also P2 goes underwater P1 can see underwater visual effects while P1 is above water or on dry land.

other SP issues are

Center cave still has no spawns. Center cave on SE creatures will spawn but you have to go deep within and wait then head back for them to spawn.

SE drops will go through the ground. 


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XboxOne - Single player local server

I read through t his thread, and didn't see these mentioned:


When running and then stopping, the footsteps continue for a few seconds

When you start crafting narcotics, the initial sound is VERY loud



My main base is close to the West coast, about in the middle.  When I fly to redwood forest I am not seeing carnivores anymore, lots of flyers and bugs though.

The flight mechanics of the Pteranodon seem to have been changed?  When I fly I usually bring an opposite sex bird with me for added protection.  When I stop, the second bird hovers right over me like it's trying to mate with the bird I'm flying.  Very strange :)

This last one, I'm not sure it's a bug but definitely a change.  I built my base out of standard stone Dino gates, and have always been able to get my T-Rex through them no problem.  With the update they would not fit through anymore, so I had to tear a few down and add a behemoth gate.  Not sure if was a mistake at first to have the Rex fit through the standard gate and this was a fix, or it is a bug.  Not a big deal, although it looks a little odd. 


Thank you for listening.

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1 hour ago, Juksefantomet said:

Hello, i've had a massive problem regarding port issues, as i thought you checked the steam threads under bug-reports i was posting there.. i got forwarded here and i'm hoping you can look into this issue, i've uncovered a good deal of bugs that might require your attention.


this is the Direct link to the steam discussion:




you have to be logged in to be able to Access it.


if not it is listed under "ARK: Survival Evolved > Bug Reports & Exploits > Topic Details"

named: ARK Specific PORT issues: Server not showing properly in unofficial lists, but working.


The person actually linking me directly to this told me you covered MP aswell, eventhough it says SP at the top. sorry if i posted in the wrong one. but i am at a loss here and getting tired to reposting everywhere!

This a specific thread for SP, there is an entire forum for PC bugs and support. That would be the correct place to post this.

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Not sure if anyone has listed the map bug.   My beds and my "me" marker are all shifted further south than they should be.   As an example my bed on herbivore island is in the middle of the ocean ... according to map.  And several of the bed names are swapped.  Herbivore island bed reads as "the river bed" and vice versa

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40 minutes ago, WarriorCupcake said:

Not sure if anyone has listed the map bug.   My beds and my "me" marker are all shifted further south than they should be.   As an example my bed on herbivore island is in the middle of the ocean ... according to map.  And several of the bed names are swapped.  Herbivore island bed reads as "the river bed" and vice versa

I mentioned it in my post on page 2 I think... My map markers were working OK at first, filled in the whole outside of the map, but at one point I was pressing against the NW barrier wall over the ocean and the map had me pinned as still over land. I guess it might be a map-scaling bug or something.

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I'm playing on Single Player mode on PC and The Island map, and I found an issue with Hyaenodons after the update introduced them. They spawn without textures and with a wrong name (called Alosaurio (Allosaurus)) . I found them first time while I was using mods, so I've decided start a new clean savegame without mods and happened again.
Here are some screenshots:
1st time spotted at 33.9-79.3 on top of the mountain.
Then again on Redwood

Note: That same bug, models untextured, was happening to me with Daeodons and Giant Queen Bees after his respective update, but don't know how or when it was solved.

Apart of above issues, I've noted that, for some reason, wild dinos are "despawning" if I leave the area for a long time; ie. if I spot a high level that I want to tame on Carno Island or Snow Biome and I go for an hour or two, when I come back there is almost nothing but some Argentavis, Wolfs, Ichthyornis or Raptors. Again, started to happening after the 259-260 update.

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  • Scorched Earth can't be accessed in Official, Unofficial or Singleplayer
  • We've tried deleting and reinstalling both expansion and full game to no success
  • Restoring content licenses doesn't do anything

Whenever we try to load Scorched Earth we either get an error code beginning with "WC" (I don't remember the numbers that followed) or we're taken to the PS Store to buy the expansion. We both have the Survivor's Pack which includes Vanilla ARK and Scorched.

EDIT: It doesn't say we don't own Scorched Earth in the main menu above the JOIN ARK button. Only when we try to load up an SE server, even though we do own it.

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I'm playing SP atm and logged in to the center after I had to ascend twice to get on it. My compys had eggs and I picked one up compy took the egg and couldn't put down so had 4 options knock out, log out, opt out via eat spoiled meat, or set sleeping command. I used the command bc of it being faster. Wild dinos near my base were there but many other places had little to know spawns a at all the litte upsides I have noticed that wild dinos have laid eggs found a turtle egg eventhough I have none an argent egg even though I have a few tamed ones the other litte upside is i'm not plagued by seagulls, parasaurs, dilos in the swamp, or megalodons.That's all so far.

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3 hours ago, Juksefantomet said:


a trick is to always make a copy of Your saved folder inside /ShooterGame/ folder before you update. then if something goes wrong re-copy back that folder and you're all set. patches can always mess saves up.

well that's a lesson, but still is it somehow possible, like, is there a cheat or something to make my dinos and buildings my properties again?

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Xbox one 

I'm playing on center map and dinos get stuck in the map as if the in water and eggs fall through the map at times.also there is a frame rate issue in certain areas of the map like the jungle and swamp areas I have it on max difficulty and have the Dino spawn at 3 but there are less dinos now after the latest patch most of the map is empty hardly any dinos are spawing in or when they do it seems to be alot of argentavis that spawn the most but a large majority of the map is lifeless 

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Playing player hosted on Xbox:

- Other player's armors and bodies disappear and appear as floating heads, this can be temporally fixed by having them take off their armor and putting it back on but upon riding a tame the armor and body will disappear again. 

- When repairing some items in a smithy the item will keep repairing even when repaired causing you to lose lots of materials unless you take it out of the smithy quickly, seems to happen most on blueprints.

- On the Center on single player the large cave on the southern inner island overspawns considerably with so many creatures spawning they clip through the roof of the cave and appear on the land above, this also causes a terrible framerate drop. This happens often even with multiple wild dino wipes.

- Not sure if this is single player only or not but it seems that the Megatherium when in its bug killer mode not only deals increased damage but also seems to take more too, but only from Arthropleura. When riding my imprinted Mega it was taking over 300 damage per attack from them.

- When leaving a tame outside a cave and entering on foot when you come out again your tame will sometimes be despawned and never appear again.

- Tether distance has been removed, it worked fine even when it was increased to over 1.5km and i'm not sure if it was removed unintentionally. 

These are just some that I remember, hope it helps.

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Xbox one:

1. Probably mentioned already but babies wont/rarely eat and have to be forcefed food or die.

2. Mating interval setting consistantly reverts to 1.0 if i move it to anything below 1 after leaving a map.

3. On scorched earth especially but occasionally elsewhere, repairing an item (most seen with ghillie on scorch) will repair item but continue to use all resources until gone.


4. Supply drops often clip through the world and have to be ghosted to get to.

5. Speaking of ghosting, after ghosting to get a drop, walk or fly command does not remove ghost and i have to relog to remove it.

6. Once items have been sorted into a category, they cant be unsorted regardless of inventory. When crafting an item it will move the item to the correct alphabetical (or weight or spoil time. Mine is alphabetical) spot and not the last inventory slot. 

7.smithy, fabricator and replicator have "open slots" after the engram folders that wont go away.

8. During electrical storms scissors when used will "spark" like electronics but can still be used. 

9. Dropped items on the Center will ocassionally just pass through the ground and be gone.

10. Sheep defaulting to white color and staying white when either leaving render range or logging in/out but still retaining their spawn color or mutated color when clipping their wool.

11. Custom recipes not keeping their "recipe values" on login until dropped or moved to another inventory and back again.


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Not sure if it's just becasue I've done a destroywilddinos command but my dino count setting is set at 3 and there doesn't seem to be anymore dinos appearing. Also seem like the wondering is still broke some of the smaller dinos like the dodo and snail don't move around a lot. The unsort button doesn't work aswell in storage area's.

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18 hours ago, KiryuDragoon said:

I'm not entirely sure if this is a bug or its intended but my single-player world has been deleted I've looked through all the patch notes I can find but I haven't seen any that says wiping single player and when I leave the game and come back its all wiped again please tell me if this is a bug I wouldn't mind working hard again but I would love my old single-player back

I'm on xbox

Did you happen to delete a Primitive+ save on the same map? If so, the same thing happened to me a while ago, and there appears to be no fix for it.

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