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Singleplayer Bug/Issue Collection Thread

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Hey Survivors!

I'm here to do another round of bug/issue collecting. What issues or bugs are currently affecting your gameplay?

A few important notes:

1. Please only report issues that occur in singleplayer, not on a server. When fixing issues, the client and server are treated separately (that's why there is both a server update and a client update, server updates are done in minor versions and client updates are done in major versions, etc). If you had an issue that happened to you on a server, test it to see if it happens in singleplayer. If it doesn't, save it for when I post a multiplayer bug collection thread.
2. Do not report issues if you're using mods. Many times mod usage tampers with the game in unexpected ways. If you had an issue in your modded world, please try to verify if the issue happens without mods too and then report it. 
3. You can help us fix bugs and issues faster by being specific! What platform are you playing on? Does this issue happen at specific coordinates (if so provide them!)? How do you make this bug or issue happen step-by-step? Can you make it happen on demand? Can you take a video or a screenshot of the problem? All of these help us.
4. If it was a bug or issue introduced in the previous patch, make sure it's not on the console/PC patch notes as something we already know about.

If your bug/issue meets the requirements above, please post it below and we will try to figure out what the problem is and get it fixed. Thanks!

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All for xbox Inverted Y axis in menus I find the radial menu being inverted because I invert the camera extremely awkward.   When opening the smithy all the items inside started at the

Please fix/change the text size. It's now impossible with the new UI to see or read any texts or numbers in your inventory on console. And icons are also to small now.

I would never kid about something serious....the earplug, preferably foam, will help protect the eardrum from further damage....if you really think there is damage to the eardrum,  make an appointment

Posted Images

Xbox official.

Therizino only collects fiber every third bush harvested.

LB take all function is very inconvenient. Example, if ur in a dino/storage inventory, exit inventory and use LB to access last part of hotbar. And if the game lacks back, you'll take all from the dino/storage accessed earlier. 

Cant find switch inventory button after LB was made into take all.


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All for xbox

Inverted Y axis in menus

I find the radial menu being inverted because I invert the camera extremely awkward.  

When opening the smithy all the items inside started at the bottom of the inventory making it very awkward to have to scroll past a bunch of empty slots to see inventory

when shooting the training dummy it wasn't registering hit from my crossbow or my compound bow 

the bottom half of birthday suit skin shows a bright light sometimes and the censor block others 

also I'm going to included this here because it's on a non dedi but my wife and I play and I host.  Periodically  her armor will disappear taking her body with it lol and she is a floating head the only temporary fix is to have her take armor off and put it back on but it only fixes it for a few minutes. Also today while on she was able to see a painting on a canvas that I couldn't see it was one I painted before the patch.


Will do more testing to the AM and will edit anything I need to but for now I must sleep.

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Spelling fix and additional non dedi bug added
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Xbox One

•Player dedicated "world end" save file corrruption causing servers to crash and having to be wiped. 

•when repairing gear in smithy it repetitively repairs gear draining resources 

• c4 duping on player dedicated by dropping inventory then placing c4 then picking both back up 

• baby food staying at 0.0 when raising on player dedicated so have to force feed almost the entire maturation 

•ddosing/lag switching and pulling ip's of players and hosts/cyber attacks 

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I'm not entirely sure if this is a bug or its intended but my single-player world has been deleted I've looked through all the patch notes I can find but I haven't seen any that says wiping single player and when I leave the game and come back its all wiped again please tell me if this is a bug I wouldn't mind working hard again but I would love my old single-player back

I'm on xbox

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Hey Jen,

I hope I'm lucky enough to talk to you about my issue, but on Xbox One in the latest update I logged on and me and my dinos had level-ups to max level and idk if it's also the case for other Xbox players but I'm not playing the game right now because I find it cheating my game so please fix it.

Can't see engrams in settings

Fingers and parts of hands sticking out of gloves 

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Hello, I'm on PC, and right now in single player, everytime i try to move anything into or out of a dino's inventory, the game freezes and then it crashes. It has happened on Valhalla, then went to the island and it happened there as well. Also, Ragnarok crashed before it even began to load. These are my experiences, hope they help!

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6 minutes ago, Blitzboygabe said:

In the latest update I logged on and me and my dinos had level-ups to max level and idk if it's also the case for other Xbox players but I'm not playing the game right now because I find it cheating my game so please fix it.

This happened because of the new single player settings being turned on by default. Unchecking the box for this will not revert your levels and Dino's back to where they were. I don't like it either, but I didn't read the patch notes carefully or else I would have unchecked it before starting my game.

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-Patch 259 broke ice shelf penguin spawns and ocean spawns. Tried 3 dino wipes and each time only a handful of ocean creatures spawned, mostly Megalodon, and no penguins showed up on the ice shelves. 

-Resources won't respawn unless you wait near them for the whole respawn time. For example, if your base is in the south and you fly to the volcano for obsidian and wait a few hours and come back it still won't have respawned.  Seems to be caused by how stasis works in singleplayer.


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Additional Info
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Well literally every response so far is exactly what you said not to reply about. To break the cycle here... I play on Xbox and since the patch with the "spawning over time" now nothing really spawns anymore lol. I heavily tested this today practically spent all day on ark. Did 2 Dino wipes and spent at least 3 hours straight between them. The problem was fixed, there aren't a MILLION dire wolves, raptors etc in their respective biomes and I actually saw an alpha Rex today! Sweet! But the snow biome, both mountains, are literally almost vacant. The beaches, just about ALL of them, have 0 dinos. I even would stay in an area for 15-20 minutes moving around to see if the area needed time to unstasis or something. And the more "rare" or "difficult" dinos (yuti, thyla, allo, equus) are just about non exsistent. And I also tested the oceans which were pretty baren. Pre patch on a lap around the ocean floor I would typically encounter at least 2 alpha mosa's a tuso, a good amount of mosas and a bunch of plesi's. But today, and I spent a good 2 hours down there I saw 0 alphas a couple mosas and mostly plesi's. But the caves are working perfect. Underwater and under ground. There were a few areas on my map that were totally normal but 80% of the map was basically empty.


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Not a bug, but an issue for sp:

When setting up the settings, a bunch of them are confusing as to what they do and how they affect gameplay. (one of many examples would be 'dino damage'. Is that wild or tamed dinos? Or is it all dinos? If I increase it to add difficulty, will my tamed dino suddenly 1 hit all the wild dinos? How would I know without a ton of experimenting? Not fun to do when it takes so long to load up the game.) 

Perhaps a bit of a pop up explanation that explains the setting and what changes when made higher or lower would help. 

Same thing applies to the pump settings. 

Perhaps you could toggle the pop up explanations on or off with a button. 

This would really help new players. 

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i play Xbox single player: when placing structures if I go into orbital camera the structure will show about 2-3 foundations farther away than where it really is. and if I place it in orbital camera it comes back closer like I placed it from 1st person. 

When using high Merle damage Dino if I kill a handful of dinos and eat the corpses it DEF lags out for 2-15 secs. The center map is way worse than the island for that... really weird I know. Same thing with harvesting with high never damage Dino. 

Since resent updates dinos that spawn over time, quetzal, beavers- mostly there dams, titanosaur, and sometimes gigas either take forever to spawn or just don't spawn at all. Beaver dams have been almost non exsistant for a while! 

Havent tested this yet: but for single player it would be REALLY nice to have flyer movement speed back as part of the single player setting button. Maybe it is idk I unchecked mine cuz I have custom tamed Dino stats

some dinos are almost impossible find at a high level: mosa, tuso and especially Spinos! Spinos have been that way for a long time! 

That's all I can think of at the moment. lol I really appreciate you guys asking us for feedback. Absolutely love ark and you guys are awesome! Please don't let all the whining and complaining so many people do make you think they speak for all of us. Keep up the good work. Can't wait for ragnarok and final release! 

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Hi Jen,

maybe I'm lucky, if I use this thread to direct you to my 2 Single-Player-Issues on PC platform (1 windows, 1 linux), that now completely crippled me:

The older one is this one, it does not allow me to start my single-player game on my linux laptop:

The newer one is this one, which somehow rendered my old savegames invalid, I guess?

I would love to hear, if those could be fixed.





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