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Queueing up a large work order on chemistry bench blasts the sound effect

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When I queue up a large work order, for example 400 sparkpowder, I head the sound effect (the metal clang) super loud, and like it's being played 100x at the same moment, to the point where all other game sounds are completely drowned out for about 3 seconds. I believe it used to only play the sound effect once and not take over the sounds.

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I played it on the weekend too, and with desktop speakers, and it was MASSIVELY loud to the point I thought my speakers may be damaged. Turns out, I actually may be suffering from perm hearing loss now, in my left ear with that speaker located 30" (2 1/2 ') away from me. Currently 95% hearing in left ear gone.

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Yeah, I can confirm that the "clang" sound when crafting is significantly louder when you are crafting multiples of something.  Sparkpowder, narcotics, bug repelant, clay, preserving salt, ect.   the initial sound is much louder than following commands.  As in if you want to craft 800 sparkpowder and you can only queue 200 at a time, the first 200 you queue is much louder than the following 600 added to the queue

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Update - Still 98% deaf in my one ear.


In today's patch notes

Current ARK Official Server Network Servers Version: v261

Current Client Version: v261

Current Version: v261

- Fix for singleplayer creature spawns becoming depleted over time as they did not come out of hibernation properly.
- Fixed player/bed location not appearing at the correct location on the map.
- Allowed Ankylo to attack with it's tail while in a floating state.
- Fix for boss tribute requirements, removing alpha items and reducing cost of apex items.
- Fix for the black sky on The Center.
- Fix for Disable Resource Harvesting setting not working.
- Fix for Trike walking sound.
- Fix for Rex eggs falling under the map (due to missing poop socket with new increased capsule size).
- Increased tentacles dropped from the Tuso from 1 to 8.
- Increased chance for an alpha to spawn (in multiplayer only) by 2x.
- Fix for dino attacks not functioning correctly while underwater.
- Fix for ankylo not being able to use it's new secondary attack reliably. 
- Decreased food consumption for baby Troodons.
- Fixed improper baby Wyvern food values.
- Fixed animation issue with idle Rex.

- Fixed volume of Craft All sound.
- Fixed issue where deceased tames left death cache's even with an empty inventory.
- Added Tek Trough engram to the Manticore.
- Fixed music in The Center Dragon boss fight.
- Added Yutyrannus to Tek Cave



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