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Patch 259: Hibernation & Single Player Settings


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Hey guys!

As you saw, we've got quite a lot of changes coming in this recent update and you check out the complete patch notes here:


There are a few things I'd like to expand on:

Single Player Settings

These are settings which are automatically enabled in Single Player and Non Dedicated Servers. You can turn them off by disabling the ini setting, or just unchecking the box in your host options. These are the changes that occur when these settings are live:



The intention behind this change was to soothe the Single Player and Non-Dedicated experience to make it more approachable for those playing in smaller groups. Of course, you don't have to have these settings on, but they will make a significant difference to your game!

Hibernation - Spawning Change

As of this update, Single Player and Non-Dedicated Servers will now be using the hibernation system. This shouldn't really change much to your game experience apart from noticeable improvements in performance, and memory usage but in terms of gameplay nothing should change. If anyone is noticing any issues with spawns now that this change is in, let us know and we'll check it out. You can disable this setting by adding the following setting to your steam launch parameter / non-dedi launch command (if you use one):



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I've found it a bit hard to find the right balance between cuddle interval and the baby speed multiplier.  Is there a tool or a way to make it easier to make sure I can get a 100% imprint on whatever I am breeding in SP?  I find the relationship between the cuddle interval and mature speed difficult to manage in relation to how often I can imprint a dino (it takes a lot of closing and restarting to try and get it at a decent spot).

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8 minutes ago, Xeno1987 said:

Normal mode on Servers they spawn in more more dinos due to the strong cpu and hundred of gig ram, but for single Player they spawn in only the located area dino where you are so that means in a decent radius every other dino is Setting to sleep or for the programmers they will be saved to file so you have more ram.

Does this contribute substantially to Vram savings as well? Or does it save memory solely for regular RAM? 

Ark uses <5.5gb VRAM on Epic settings in singleplayer. That's quite a lot of video memory even when compared with games that have just recently been released.

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1 hour ago, Xeno1987 said:

If you dont have a clue from c coding, I will explain that. First of all f means float so all numbers with single precision 2^32 = 32 Bit. 

x *= 0.425f/0.2f  --> x = (x * 0.425) / 0.2

It's a simple Multiplier for those Settings. Make a Excel table and calculate for different x.

I see.

I'm still confused why they did it that way instead of just putting a decimal in there, but now I understand what it does.

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12 minutes ago, LilNastyGurl said:

It means if you go offline the game still runs and grows crops/feeds babies in the background.

Do dino still move or do other things while in hibernation radius? If even unseen I mean. Like if I leave an area, then come back will the same dinos be there but in different positions (because they were moving around, fighting, etc)?

Or is it like stasis where i unrender them, then come back and dino resume walking from where they were as if they were frozen in time until I came back.

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Here is a bit easier to read format of what the settings are.  

EDIT:  Removing part of my post as it looks like either the post was edited or I'm getting old.  I know I'm getting old, but don't care to admit to that.

Though it appears there's some engrams change as well that doesn't appear to be mentioned in this original post.  

@Jat @Jen Can we get a bit more detail here on the engram difference mentioned here:


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3 hours ago, MichellePlaysGames said:

OK, so are the tamed dino stats supposed to be completely and utterly insane with the new singleplayer settings? I tamed a level 140 Megalodon, tamed out at 209... I pumped 3 levels into health and it was up to 15k health. that seems a tad bit extreme to me??

Insane compared to how they are now? Possibly you could say this, I noticed it when I tamed a 100 Dilo yesterday to find it had ~360% melee damage and some serious health. These stats are a bit stronger yes, it's to make up for the fact that on singleplayer you will be facing bosses and creatures in certain caves that you would not be able to beat without a small team of players and/or bred dinos. In most cases you will still need to breed to eventually beat the endgame styled bosses, because singularly you will not be capable. You however would need to look back at the start of the game where we had raptors with 1k melee damage early on that could mop the floor with alpha dinos and power level us to extreme cases. This is a lot more toned down than it was in those days.

It is also to balance the fact that most playing singleplayer or on private 'non-dedicated' sessions will not have the time tick over after they log out. You won't have plants etc growing or your jerky will not be made unless you're online, to balance not needing to play x amount of hours more each day on a singleplayer you buff the lower end of dinos stats until you reach the upper end with the now perfectly running kibble and jerky farm you've been able to get by farming materials with these dinos.

What I would like to know however is would it be possible to have jerky timers and compost bin timers modified for early game singleplayer and non-dedicated sessions. A large majority of those playing on these closed off servers will find it can take them days and days to get their jerky running unless they increase the large load of preserving bins and therefore oil and sparkpowder collection to do so. Where some will reply about the meat dehydrator mods, that isn't a fix to the gameplay mechanic and often proves 'too powerful' for a better feel of the game.

The reason I feel a Jerky/Fertiliser setting/slider would benefit the community is not just for singleplayer and non-dedicated sessions! By including these sliders/settings you would be able to produce a much greater atmosphere on unofficial and privately owned servers too! At the current time a lot of these servers will make up for kibble production by having increased taming rates (often 8-10x or more) and this is alarmingly quick, you have no need for kibble at these extents because almost all dinos will be tamed with roughly 90%+ efficiency. This leaves a huge gap in the game where people miss out on important aspects and base gameplay, reducing the content to just being useful official servers (gasp). Now you may believe this is extreme and that 'kibble is good for imprinting too!' but when people breed they are often looking for better stats in specific fields on wild dinos, when every dino can be tamed at level 120 or 150 (or higher given difficulty mods and OfficialOverrideDifficulty settings) with over 90% efficiency you no longer really need the kibble aspect of the game. Mutton was reduced to balance these sorts of issues out but unofficial, non-dedicated and singleplayer settings require this too!

As for hibernation - it is not a 'singleplayer fix for being offline'. It is a memory allocation fix that will stop your servers or singleplayer games from chewing up too much memory trying to process where all of the dinos have decided to head over to, decreasing start up times significantly and reducing the 'lagg' you experience as you load in. This as far as I have experienced is increases playability and allows us more time to actually play within a constrained or busy lifestyle, also increasing the likelihood that players will continue to keep playing ark without worrying about having to spend money on a server or going onto a server to have their work wiped every so often!

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2 hours ago, Martinigirl said:

I have lost al my learned engrams. Can you please fix this because I litterally can't make anything anymore. 

Also... time does not seem to stop anymore when you log off. I haven't been playing for several days and al lot of my tames were out of food (I didn't have a trough). Is this intended? 

Dude, just learn them again. They gave you back all your levels. You level back up and then learn the engrams again.

The time not stopping is the new hibernation feature they added. I assume you are talking about single player? I'm surprised they added it to that too.If you are not talking about single player, then yes, if you were expecting all your dinos to go into statis and not eat because you are on a low population server, then no, they will not do that anymore.

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