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pvp Latest Bounty for server wipe. Bounty= Tek structures in bulk and asc bp reply


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Although most people have a vague idea of what bounty hunters do, their specific duties and responsibilities are often a mystery. Bounty hunters serve as fugitive recovery agents for the bail bonds industry and are responsible for the safe apprehension of criminal fugitives who have posted bail, but have failed to appease the victims for atrocities towards they're victims.

The majority of bounty hunters are licensed and formally-trained professionals who play an important role in both the commercial bail bond business and the criminal ark justice system. Bounty hunters can be found working for bail bondsmen all over the Ark servers. 

For the procedure of how the bounty will be placed on certain individuals goes as is. The bondsmen (person requesting the bounty) must set a price and the accusation of the perpetrator who is now a suspect then a series of evidence or witnesses can suffice for enough criminally intent to be placed on he or she. 

Furthermore the bounty must be listed as is  (he or she) gamertag, the offense, the Ark survivor name ,multipleif more than one survivor name, server number, map, tribe name and possible witnesses or aids. The amount of in game currency rewarded for such completed bounties. The bounties wth the least information is acceptable but the reward must be black pearls or metal ingots placed upon their head and their home. Bounties with the most information of securing the bounty makes it easier for our freelance bounty hunters to acquire and extract or execute the target in which they must provide evidence to secure their bounty and be rewarded. 

To place a bounty please write the server name the tribe name the character name and the gamertag and their friends gamertag and offense with a date and time of possible in this formated 15:49 04 July 2017

Its okay to not have all the info just point our bounty hunters to the right direction and aid in investigation of possible.

Anyone who wants to bounty hunt is free to ask questions to gain more valuable information on the target.

Anyone is free to be a bounty hunter any tribe any server as long as your a decent Ark survivor and not a menice to the community. We need strong community members to support this movement. 

Reply down below the target and necessary information and offense and I will place it on my post after investigations to confirm the bounty and offense. 

Bounty hunters can also be hired as security guards to secure and protect the asset or products or certain goods they are protecting protection is not limited to players players can also hire protection to their supplies and good only if they provided the equipment. Bounty hunters can determine their price and negotiate the terms. We are not savages but a community betrayal or deception will place a bounty hunter on administrative leave and they will be criminals charge with the highest bounty.

We refuse to be savaged minded beast but form a community that works together. 

Please post bounty below with necessary information to proceed a warrant for the individual or individuals. 


Accepting applications for Bounty Hunter positions or mercenaries 


Name:_______ reporting for duty on Date Month 2017. 

In the following format^


Attention all Bounty or Bondsmen !!!!!!

hashtagballbag placed a bounty for the amount of 200 Euros. Message him for information to proceed to collect the bond.


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On 6/22/2017 at 7:09 AM, DioBrando said:

Just got hit by them they ddos with 9 people and raid only 2 of my members could be they ddos most. Not only do they troll but they Ddos too. They lie to their teeth about their actions and they need to be stopped. They claim to be the best they need to stop terrorizing people and cheating THATS not being the best smh. 

Trolling alpha on server 288 they are weak hit my secondary  base lol. But they terrorize and troll people constantly for years now a favor needs to be then they need to be wipe with just bushes left to pick fiber. How can you call yourself the King of Ark if you troll and DDos, civility is out of the question with these guys. A bunch of cheating boasting savages he feel they can't be touched by anyone claiming to top every server on Xbox really pathetic. 

Tribe name- Long D!ck pirates or X1 pirates

Gamer tags- x1 sh3LL . Neon all day.. Atticus state.. shooteastwood.. relic.. TheAmericanS069.. Mrk6ofthe6best.. Tomcat8987765. That's their gamer tags so far I've gathered, they are all a band of trolls and cheaters need to be wiped for the greater good.

They trolled and trolled everyone to the top they need to be wiped there server is 288 on the island they have a base up north and down south. 

If up for great pvp play pay them a visit show these pirates who the real jack sparrow is because they disrespect pirates smdh. 

* NA Xbox 288 official pvp- Map the island

* Their tribe name either Long D1ck pirates or X1 pirates.

*** Their Gamertags- x1 sh3LL . Neon all day.. Atticus state.. shooteastwood.. relic.. TheAmericanS069.. Mrk6ofthe6best.. Tomcat8987765

Obs are block but south is empty and North zone 2 is clear. 

They have base up north mostly near blue ob and down south. Only a few of them on so they really won't stand a chance


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On 28/06/2017 at 10:27 PM, DioBrando said:


How is that the opposite plus they don't DDOS, I was there i watched your base get destroyed and not once did they ddos, This is all because you have a personal vendetta against one of their members. You have nothing to hit them with. All is see you do is moan about them on this post and other post. If you really want to take them down that badly hit them yourself and quit your moaning. 

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